Bid Board Finds: 2 shops, 4 cards, 8 bucks

I love the bid boards at my favorite hobby shops because I get quality stuff and end up spending more on gas.
It’s all basketball this week, encompassing 2 shops again. Ironically I spent 4 dollars at each shop for the 2 basketball cards they each gave me.

Let’s start with the shop that I consider my home away from, Valley Sports Cards:
Spent 3 dollars for the Morris autograph and a buck for the Dragic dual. I really like the concept of the Dragic card. Morris started the season great the other night as he put up 17 points with 9 rebounds. He is averaging those numbers this season as well; you can guess why.


Now onto my loot from Northridge Sports Collectibles: 20161027_111812Celtics triple jersey for 1.25 with Jared Sullinger, Marcus Smart, and Avery Bradley; numbered to 99. A.C. Green autographed letter for 2.75. Maybe I will start trying to build ANGRY in these letters, now that I have an extra N.

Bid Board Finds: Yaz and candy


5 cards for $6.50 from Northridge sports Collectibles
The find here is the Yasmani Grandal autograph off a bid board where I am basically bidding exclusively against Dodgers fans. For 2 bucks in the heart of Dodgers town, this was a steal; now if I bought it online that would be a different case.
The patch is London Fletcher.
I took 3 flyers on players that I am not familiar with: Greg Pateryn autograph numbered to 499. I liked that it was a cut autograph.
Ben Koyack Crown Royale, like the hockey card, autograph to 299. I liked the design of the card with how it is layered.
Julian Leon Prospect Ticket autograph. Hey, it says he is a Dodger and they are my favorite team.

How was your day: My Thursdays

My days the past few months have been pretty hectic at times. In spite of the madness, I have learned to take for myself in order to stay sane. I have one time where I cut myself off and sit down and relax no matter what: every Thursday at 6pm my time. So what is so special about Thursdays at 6 pm? It is when GoGtsLive broadcasts their livestream.

For those unfamiliar, its basically 2 hours of what is happening in the card world. They talk product releases and break products. The best part, they give away the cards they get. They have pulled some good stuff, and given it away in the chat room that night. I love it because I can watch breaks of the latest product without feeling like a creeper for not buying into it.

I don’t just watch it for the giveaways; why should I, as I never win. I keep coming back because the hosts are awesome people. Ivan, who you may know from his YouTube show ‘The Breaks‘ is one of the greatest people in the hobby –  seriously if he only knew how high I thought of him. We are bound to bump into each other one day since we live in the same area, and I look forward to it. Rob usually does the breaks, and he is a great genuine person as well. You have to be a pretty special person to hold a thousand dollar card in your hand and give it away to a random person in the chat room.

I have boasted enough about the show, just like Rob does with every hit. They are doing a massive Twitter giveaway when they hit 10,000 followers. Actually massive is an understatement. They aren’t there yet, so lets help get them there.

GoGts Livestream – Thursdays at 6pm Pacific time:

Go GTS Distribution – full of hobby news:

Pickups: Freecycle Hockey Cards

The other day, I saw a post on a Freecycle Facebook where someone was giving away hockey cards. By some miracle, I was the first to chime in and the next day, they were in my possession. If you are unfamiliar with Freecycle, I suggest checking them out. The whole point of Freecycle groups is to keep items that may be useful to others out of the landfill; it is not a site where people can get a free item and then turn around and sell it. Actually my local group filters that out pretty good because those people are so obvious as they say that they are interested in every item posted. If you are one of those people who don’t know what to do with your base cards, a Freecycle group would be a good way to find a better home for them.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, I posted the finds on there. If you don’t follow, look for a post tomorrow giving you a reason to. Here is the recap of the Freecycle cards, some other sports sneaked in:

Bid Board Finds: 2 shops, 1 post


3 cards from Valley Sports Cards for $2.25. Good luck getting a triple jersey with decent players from a card shop for cheap but I pulled it off, twice. Not to mention the players aren’t trash either; well except Bargnani. Took a quarter flyer on the Unparalleled numbered card because I like the design and can’t afford to crack a box open of it.


$3.75 for 3 cards, well 2 cards and 1 ‘collectible,’ from Northridge Sports Collectibles. The Lance Kendricks auto was a quarter flyer bid. I feel Michael Carter-Williams has peaked and his card market is slipping; especially being able to grab his autograph at a reasonable $1.25.  The coin from 330 AD , the Constantine era of the Roman Empire, was a very reasonable $2. I have no idea of the value but it is a cool item that is a great conversation piece; especially among my Christian friends. That alone, is worth it to me.

Pickups: an awesome online store discovery


Being a budget collector, it is not often that I get to browse through an online shop and have the pick of anything I want. So when I found an online store that sold cards that I wanted, and where everything was in my budget, I was in heaven. I know that I paid a fair price for the cards I got but staring at them, and doing the average in my head, I am amazed regardless. Several aspect of my PC got some amazing additions. Check out:

10 cards for an average of $2.60 a card; all cards that I really wanted. More importantly, they were all quality cards. I paid $26 total.

Joe Adams may be the worst 4th round pick that the Panthers ever had but look at that patch in the corner. It is the eye of the panther; so awesome. I was in Panthers heaven.