Pickups: an awesome online store discovery


Being a budget collector, it is not often that I get to browse through an online shop and have the pick of anything I want. So when I found an online store that sold cards that I wanted, and where everything was in my budget, I was in heaven. I know that I paid a fair price for the cards I got but staring at them, and doing the average in my head, I am amazed regardless. Several aspect of my PC got some amazing additions. Check out: http://www.cincycardsandsupplies.com/

10 cards for an average of $2.60 a card; all cards that I really wanted. More importantly, they were all quality cards. I paid $26 total.

Joe Adams may be the worst 4th round pick that the Panthers ever had but look at that patch in the corner. It is the eye of the panther; so awesome. I was in Panthers heaven.


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