Bid Board Finds: Yaz and candy


5 cards for $6.50 from Northridge sports Collectibles
The find here is the Yasmani Grandal autograph off a bid board where I am basically bidding exclusively against Dodgers fans. For 2 bucks in the heart of Dodgers town, this was a steal; now if I bought it online that would be a different case.
The patch is London Fletcher.
I took 3 flyers on players that I am not familiar with: Greg Pateryn autograph numbered to 499. I liked that it was a cut autograph.
Ben Koyack Crown Royale, like the hockey card, autograph to 299. I liked the design of the card with how it is layered.
Julian Leon Prospect Ticket autograph. Hey, it says he is a Dodger and they are my favorite team.

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