Random Review: 2010 TNA Blaster Boxes

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been gradually buying out a local Wal-Mart’s stock of TNA’s 2010 release. They had the boxes on sale for five bucks. I was watching TNA every week when this came out, and am still an avid wrestling fan.
How was I able to buy them over a few weeks: the kicker was that they weren’t labeled as such. I have been super good with money the past few months, and splurged thanks to this time period. I was thinking that I would at least hit something decent with the amount of boxes that I bought. There were many wrestlers inserted and I was bound to hit at least one that would redeem my spending. Perhaps a Sting, Hogan, Flair. Okay if that is dreaming big, how about a Styles, Angle, Foley, Dudley Boys, or Samoa Joe? Xavier Woods autograph used to go for $3, I would take his from his TNA days as Consequences Creed. After all I basically bought a case. Instead I was severely disappointed.Thankfully, I pulled a Joe, a while ago in when I did PackRip.com – Random Review: WWE Undisputed from PackRip.com.

So let’s show you why I was disappointed:
11 boxes for $5 – 1 autograph per box with 24 cards in a box.

It was a 90 card set, with cards 91-100 being hobby exclusives. In 11 boxes, I got only 1 full set. 1 full set. Do you realize how many random duplicates that leaves me? Misery pack giveaways are going to be full of Hogan cards now. Even if this was from 2 cases, that is horrible of Tristar who put out this crap, to do.

Let’s take a time out from the negativity to acknowledge that TNA does have some great wrestling, and has been a part of many wrestlers storied careers. Their storylines may have sucked in 2010, but the talent was there. Just look at where guys like AJ Styles, Young Bucks/Generation Me, and Xavier Woods/Consequences Creed are today. There is no reason why a company like this should have ever been on the brink of collapse like they are this year. I hope that the company gets their act together because they have given us some great wrestling, and awesome card sets. This is just a sample of what they have put out in their short history.

Autographs starting from the top right to left, and so forth: SoCal Val, Jay Lethal, Shannon Moore x 2, Christy Hemme, Desmond Wolfe, Jesse Neal, Abyss, Amazing Red, Orlando Jordan.

The first autograph I pulled was Shannon Moore and I thought “Cool, I can live with this. Decent wrestler, it can only get better from here.” Then I pulled the same card in my second box and realized that I made a mistake.
Of these cards, 2 are PC worthy and 9 I can live without. My PC worthy cards are veteran turned wrestler Jesse Neal, and the man who showed that it is okay to be yourself Orlando Jordan. Jay Lethal is kicking butt in Ring of Honor but, are the rest of these people doing anything relevant? I haven’t heard Jesse Neal’s name since TNA released him.

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