Angry: H2Hhits

Those of you that follow me on social media and read this site know that I don’t say ‘angry’ things lightly. As a lot of you know, I am a deeply religious person and a positive side effect of that is that I don’t say harsh things about anyone lightly.
I have spent way too much energy on this company, and have sources backing me up on my accusations. For a company that I dealt with on Twitter, I have also found myself on the phone with them, so this extends beyond an online he said, she said.
Lies from this company, however small they may have been added up to the point that I feel that I have to do this. However, you can also add some late night name calling on their part to this.
Straight up my intentions for doing this post are to protect the hobby. I am forever thankful for how collectors made me feel on my birthday. This is a community that I want to protect.

TLDR: Runs fake contests to promote Ebay sales. MessesΒ with someone who they wanted to promote their company.

Do not trust:

I have reason to believe that this company has been running fake Twitter contests. I ‘won’ one and got caught up in the mess. I have every reason to believe that I won the contest because the company wanted to do business with this site, and have me push his Ebay sales on my social media account.
Because this will come out, I do want to state that I did receive a package from the company. I was promised a Peyton Manning/Von Miller jersey card, an Andrew Luck insert, and a Peyton Manning rookie card. I received a Trey Burke jersey card and a Brandon Jennings jersey card – those will be in future ‘misery pack’ giveaways by the way as I am not keeping them or selling them for obvious reasons. I felt like this was a blatant bait and switch but didn’t say anything I thought it was an honest mistake. The company will point out that a winner during that same period got his winnings. The company told me before they pointed out the winner showing his winnings, that they transferred his winnings to his COMC account; a small lie but just one of the many that added up. Afterward the company ran more contests. I have been in contact with a few of the ‘winners’ and none of them received their winnings. I was only in contact with them because I did not want to blow the lid on a company who only I was having problems with.
The company promised me a make good package. I was more than willing to let this go, but they kept messaging me to see if I got the package. Truthfully I wanted nothing to do with them but it felt like they were stringing me along to promote their Ebay sales. They said that I should have gotten it by a certain time period because all of the winners got their packages that week. I have numerous messages from other users confirming that is false.
After I called the company out on this, at least one person received a tracking number. So it appears that calling them out has led to something positive after all. I look forward to them saying I am lying because people got their packages after I spent an hour on the phone with the company.
I have every reason to believe that they were using fake Twitter promotions for legitimate Ebay sales. Obviously, I would not recommend doing business with them ever for any reason. If they are going to lie to someone who they want to do business with, then why would they not lie to you?
I am angry because I feel that I helped them grow their social media presence. I was retweeting their sales when they had 60 followers. At one point they grew to the point that we had 90 mutual followers.

I don’t want anyone getting their hopes up by them if they continue their contests. Images and Tweets below are some of the highlights of this fiasco.

Note – 11/23/16: Just want to clarify something and address a comment below. I did not contact any of his Ebay buyers on purpose. If that happened, it was a happy accident. I contacted winners of his contests that already followed me on Twitter to see if I was the only one having problems with him in that regard. I know that my situation with him is unique but if this is someone who will lie to someone who he wants to do business, then this is someone who I would advise anyone listening to not do business with.

6 thoughts on “Angry: H2Hhits

  1. Hey I’m the one you contacted bout HOBBY2HABIT eBay card? I told them it hadn’t come but they said it showed on Thursday sent me an sceeenshot of the delivery notice. Tracking says delivered but based on your post I’m questioning if they sent it ebay told me i could ask for a refund thinking I could send them back a base card and say that’s what they sent me lol. Anyway hit me back on the bay. Thanks for help w the freebies. I started following you good stuff I’ll share this with everyone I know as well to help protect the hobby. If it cost them a sale on eBay and I get a refund I’ll feel I did my part. Can’t thank enough for reaching out.

    1. Also how do I get in your misery packs ? Can u tell me more about them ? I am curious with Black Friday is this the panini packs? Should I leave feedback on H2H eBay about what happened? I never left any yet and it’s my opinion and hey the way I see it based on ur proof and they also were supposed to do a twitter break tonight for a “full case ” giveaway and they posted a msg saying it didn’t show up so they postponed it a day. Wonder what tomorrow’s excuse will be or if they think we forgot bout it. Better believe I get into it to expose them. Thanks again not only have you helped me return my cards but also get a nice relic auto in the mist. But hey classless ppl have classless acts happen. I paid $2 for the card but that’s worth being able to leave negative feedback alone after what they did to you. It’s terrible. You were prob the only reason they sold anything to begin with and now your gonna be reason they get caught up. lmk if u need help with pics of the posts they put up it’s comical “break tonight free case giveaway” 5pm. 9pm “sorry breaks tomorrow packages didn’t show” not surprised. Heard it first from angryccollector πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. If you have an issue with them over an Ebay sale, I would suggest going through Ebay and/or Paypal.
      If it is a contest issue with them, there is not much that you can do other than word of mouth. In fact, that is why I posted this entry.

  2. Why did you contact his eBay Customers? What proof is there they’re fake? Im currently bidding on a item that ends tomorrow and now you have me wondering if I should retract. ?? Confused Tom

    1. I didn’t contact his Ebay customers that I know off. (The first comment on here confused me a little because of that fact.) Truthfully, I don’t even know how to view the users who left him feedback as it shows me the first and last two letters of the user’s name leaving feedback. I contacted people on Twitter that ‘won’ his contests. If there was overlap, it was a happy accident.
      Good luck on your auction. As you can see my beef is over him running fake contests, and shady business dealings as he wanted me to promote his business, not this guy’s Ebay. I don’t see any reason to retract your bid, but if I were you, it would be one auction that I hope to lose.

      1. Well I took your advice and retracted my bid as I was the highest bidder by 200 the item just hadn’t hit flash bidding. I was just intrigued by the whole Cookie Monster as they claim to give away what has been said to be a extra incentivized gift for making a purchase any purchase at that in general. However if your saying they don’t indeed give stuff away that defeats the purpose of bidding with them opposed to someone I can may pay more but at least I don’t expect something and not receive it. I wonder if they make up feedback I have been reading your blog for about 4 months now and ironically I came across this and if you look the comment from Aiden (this thread) happens to be the same eBay handle to give negative feedback on they’re eBay. Which assuming its run out of his parents basement its prob safe to say what you say is only written based on facts. I appreciate you looking out for me as last thing I want to do is get what money I do have (the Roger Clemens posted is a 1/1 and I felt for Flawless 300 was a fair price). Bidding as stated has now dropped to 86 lol after my retracted bid. Sucks to do bad business. Thanks again Also can you point me in a good site that does Black Friday specials on breaks or promos for free giveaways with confirmed real contests as whose not for freebies.

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