Bid Board Finds: Part 2 of end of October

$9.80 for 8 items
I walked away feeling a little underwhelmed but after doing the math in my head, and realizing that I got value on the items that I took a flyer on, I feel better.
The coin from the Roman Empire makes a second appearance this month – Bid Board Finds: 2 shops, 1 post. I bought another one because it will make a great gift for any number of people that I know. I paid 3 bucks for the Case Keenum autograph. Hey, he is the starting quarterback of the team in my city so why not. If you take out those 2 items, I would have paid less than 5 bucks.
The rest is a bunch of flyers and a Randy Johnson pin.
Autographs of JT Realmuto, Yan Gomes, Sean Coyle, Tommy Coyle, Jason Hursh, and Terrance West. I really like Realmuto and am happy to have his autograph as he is one of my favorite rising stars. Looks like Sean and Tommy are related as they went to same high school, unless the internet was lazy and mixed them up. Tommy’s autograph is numbered to 50.


Bid Board Finds: 2 Basketball Patches

Going to do 2 posts this week, today and tomorrow, as I wanted to do my haul at Northridge Sports Collectibles justice. This is my haul from Valley Sports Cards.
I was there when the bid board closed so I was able to get the few cards that I wanted.
$2 for the dual patch, Bayless & Smith numbered to 99
25 cents for the Hester Unparalleled numbered to 99
A buck for the Noel Rookie jersey that I can add to my massive Prestige 13/14 collection