Pickups: The not so ‘miserable’ lot + Giveaway

It is important to me that I end this year on a positive note. Readers know that I am not very angry, and sometimes a little too nice but the fact is that I sometimes get lumped in with the collectors who are miserable for the sake of being miserable. That is not the case. I just want what it best for the hobby like everyone else.
Moving on, by now, a lot of you know my feelings about mystery lots. Heck, all my giveaways are ‘misery packs.’ Well this isn’t the case. I recently picked up a mystery lot for $9 on Ebay. I got very lucky. The seller posted a picture of all the cards but didn’t list them in the description. I only found out about because he was selling a different card that I wanted. I only cared because it had a card that I really wanted. I basically paid the maximum of what I would’ve paid for that card and got a bunch of candy.

The card that I wanted: Harrison Barnes True Colors from Prestige.

Kevin Martin and Nick Anderson autograph.

Greg Monroe and Antonio McDyess autograph. A bunch of numbered rookies.

David Robinson jersey and Kent Bazemore autograph.

If you Retweet the Twitter link generated from this post, you are entered to win the ‘Misery Pack’ below. I will end the contest on the 4th of January, 2017. I will even post the link in this post, after it is generated to make it easy for you.


Update: January 4th, 2016 9:25pm Pacific

Bid Board Finds: 007 + 23

Welcome to the final Bid Board Finds of 2016. This haul is one that I have been sitting on because I have been hoping that people who come around my house will have some idea who two of the people are. I jumped right in there but I am talking about two actors from James Bond movies. Unfortunately, despite living in a place where I can see an actor at Costco, no one I knew, knew who these people are. That doesn’t mean anything as I found out that one actor is very accomplished.

3 cards for $2.50 from Northridge Sports Collectibles. 2 autographs and an NFL patch. The actor autographs appear to be from Rittenhouse’s 2010: 007 product.

Kenneth Tsang seems to be the best of the two actor cards. He appears to have been typecasted as an Asian villain but that doesn’t make his resume any less impressive. In fact, judging by his IMDB page, he appears to be ‘the Asian villain’ and has had a long excellent career. Despite many not knowing who he is, boy has he been in some amazing movies.
I also love his autograph. It appears to me to be Chinese gibberish. In all the autographs that I have seen in my life, his is truly unique. I have never seen anything like it. It shows that no matter what culture you are from, there will always be laughable autographs.

What Christopher Muncke lacks in a resume, he makes up for with a nice autograph. When I bid on his autograph, I was taking a flyer on an A list actor name. The other is a Ronnie Brown patch from Threads numbered to 50. As far as I am concerned, you can’t go wrong with Dolphins patches.

I do have to admit, the 007 autographs piqued my curiosity and I am curious to check out what Rittenhouse has to offer.

Pickups: a new PC Young Gun

Since my best friend is from Denmark, I have become partial to Denmark players and not because my buddy acts as if every Danish player is the second coming of Wayne Gretzky. Fortunately for my sanity, my buddy hasn’t needled me on Oliver Bjorkstrand’s greatness; yet. I found out about him on my own. I was reading an ESPN article about Columbus rookies and thought that I needed to have his rookie card. It cost me under $2, but unfortunately was the card that came in the mail in a plain white envelope and no top-loader to protect it – see this weekend’s post. Fortunately it came out fine though.


Bid Board Finds: 500 coins

7 cards for $8.50.

Tyler Bray autograph from the underrated Prominence, Andruw Jones patch from another underrated product: Donruss Zenith, and an autograph from the injury prone Saints second rounder Hauoli Kikaha.

3 ‘500 HR Futures Club” coin cards; Josh Donaldson, Joc Pederson, and Adam Jones. These have some major weight to them. Another ‘Medallion;’ celebrating Tom Glavine’s debut.

Pickups: COMC Black Friday finds

I have never bought from Check Out My Cards (from their site, as I have bought off their Ebay and Amazon due to having gift cards from those stores) but when I told my mom about it, she wanted to give me credit for it for my birthday. I saved that credit until Black Friday and took advantage of their free shipping deal. Unfortunately, I am not posting this because the cards have been sitting on my desk for a while, they did not come until 3/4 through December even though I submitted my order on Black Friday.

Scored a Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson autograph for under $15. Bret Hart and him are my must own wrestling autographs so I just need  Bret Hart now. The Daniels/Kazarian autograph was under $3. I was bummed when I didn’t pull a Daniels autograph from TNA boxes- Random Review: 2010 TNA Blaster Boxes.

Random Prestige odds and ends round it out.

Angry: A Random Ebay Seller

I thought that I was getting a Klay Thompson Prestige jersey lot for $4. Unfortunately, I had one of those situations that feel that it can only happen to me. Well at least they are bizarre to me.

Order of events:
– The tracking number says the package is delivered. It is not. What happened is that he sent the package to himself, or at least that is how it looked, as it never left his home state.
– I am refunded the shipping cost and seller says that he will send me the cards right away.
– I get a message saying that if I didn’t get the cards by Tuesday, he would refund my whole purchase. This makes me think that I have no chance of getting the cards.
– I don’t get the cards on the date. He asks if I got the cards. I said that I will wait it out and don’t want a refund; I just want the cards.
– I notice 2 messages this morning from him. One says thanks for the reply. The next says: “My sincerest apologies. I just received a Mail back today from the Milwaukee post office that your package was damaged and contents were lost. I’m terribly sorry for all the inconvenience, I will be refunding you right away.”
– To his credit, he refunded right away.

The lot was nothing special to most people. A Klay Thompson jersey card and an Andre Iguodala jersey card.  Nothing to cry about, as hard to find as the Thompson Prestige True Colors card is, but still enough to make me angry. I am tempted to leave him neutral feedback. I will wait a few days to calm down before doing anything. What do you think?

A nice silver lining is that it basically turned a portion of my Ebay gift card into Paypal credit.

Bid Board Finds: coming after the ‘Bell’

When I walked into Valley Sports Cards on Saturday, I wasn’t expecting to buy anything for myself. I went in there for Pokemon cards for the twins. I wasn’t expecting to get any cards off the bid board as I was there a little past 1 pm, and their bid board ends at 1 pm. So how did I end up with cards from the bid board? They said that if something wasn’t bid on then I could take have the card for the minimum bid. Part of me wanted to take every jersey and autograph that was qualified and was a dollar. I operate in moderation however and only took a few items. $3 for 3 cards.

Alvan Adams jersey; grabbed it because I would never sniff National Treasures in real life. Kenny Bell patch, because a dollar for a recent patch , even if it is event worn, is a steal from any card shop. Rashad Greene because acetate autographs are beautiful. All PC impulse buys.

Angry: PWE’s soaked & no top-loader

The debate on sending cards in plain white envelopes, referred to as PWEs from here on out, is endless. I have a beef regarding them for two different situations that happened this week to me:
On Thursday I got a card shipped to me in a PWE and the envelope was soaked. I got the mail right away during a day when it was pouring rain. I usually don’t open my packages right away but I always open my PWEs right away, mainly so I can send the person a message calling them out if I paid for shipping. Well I didn’t pay for shipping but I was glad that I opened it because the top loader started to get soaked. If I would’ve waited even an hour longer, the card would’ve had water damage. So I dodged a bullet on that one, and my only issue was the person didn’t put the card in a team bag and/or wrap it better.
On Friday, I had a bigger beef: the card shipped to me didn’t come in a top-loader. Is it wrong to expect at the very least to get the card in a top-loader for free shipping? Send it in one covered in tape for all I care, but send it in a top loader.

So my question, is it wrong to expect cards shipped in PWEs in a top-loader?

Site update: I normally like to spread out my posts between days, but that won’t be the case until the end of the year. I want to start the year fresh and don’t want to post about any cards that I got in 2016 in 2017. I have a few Bid Board Finds that have been sitting on my desk for a month, so expect them to be posted soon. Hopefully, I will get some Christmas cards, and I still need to open my package from COMC that recently arrived.

Pickups: some Jammin cards

Jammin JD does a lot of good stuff in the hobby. I personally enjoy watching his Youtube breaks.
As I was doing some recent Ebay shopping for my Prestige collection, I came across a card that he had for sale that I wanted. I didn’t buy it right away because I emailed him instead figuring we could avoid Ebay fees, and I might get a better deal. Turns out, it worked in my favor that I emailed him because he had some parallels I needed that weren’t listed.

So if you see a ‘Buy It Now’ listing and know the person selling it, try messaging them in other avenues. You might get rewarded with a deal, and you help them an added layer of fees. They win, you win, and the cards win because they found a good home.

Pickups: add-ons to the Prestige collection

Polished off an Ebay gift card that I had with several additions to my Prestige collection.

Another autograph of CSUN’s current head basketball coach Reggie Theus to add to my collection, a Shaq jersey that I got for under $10, and a bunch of red parallels. I am 50% through with the red parallel set.

Derick Coleman, Nicolas Batum, Mark Aguirre, Herb Williams, Kyle Korver, and Greg Stiemsma autographs