Pickups: COMC Black Friday finds

I have never bought from Check Out My Cards (from their site, as I have bought off their Ebay and Amazon due to having gift cards from those stores) but when I told my mom about it, she wanted to give me credit for it for my birthday. I saved that credit until Black Friday and took advantage of their free shipping deal. Unfortunately, I am not posting this because the cards have been sitting on my desk for a while, they did not come until 3/4 through December even though I submitted my order on Black Friday.

Scored a Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson autograph for under $15. Bret Hart and him are my must own wrestling autographs so I just need  Bret Hart now. The Daniels/Kazarian autograph was under $3. I was bummed when I didn’t pull a Daniels autograph from TNA boxes- Random Review: 2010 TNA Blaster Boxes.

Random Prestige odds and ends round it out.

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