My selling and trading info

First things first if you want a Misery Pack, I will sell you one for $7 Paypal friends & family, or $9 normal Paypal in the United States. Message me and say that you saw this post; my email is – don’t send Paypal there as it isn’t my Paypal email. I have basketball, baseball, and football.

Reality, and also demand for Misery Packs, has forced me to start selling.
I have listed a bunch of cards on Ebay. If the prices seem high, it is because I used COMC for comparison pricing. I don’t really go by the last one sold, if one isn’t currently actively for sale. I have been working on a rant about this that will probably be posted next week. I stand by this, as I have had to pay a premium for some no names in my Prestige collection. – I will trade or sell any cards outside of Ebay if you message me.

I have a bunch of cards available for trade. You can find them here: – these cards are only for trade and not for sale. I am not even saying that because I am trying to circumvent from having to pay for premium on Sports Card Album. Most were given to me, and the rest are not worth much to sell to begin with.

As for what I want. I am pretty much exclusively working on attaining every relic and insert for Prestige Basketball 13/14. I have been working on it since the product came out. If you can fill in the few gaps that I have let me know. What I have is here:

My big fish right now that I am looking for are: CJ McCollum Prestigious Premieres autograph, and Cazzie Russell True Colors jersey.

If you don’t have Prestige basketball for trade and want one of my cards, I would be open to Dodgers, Carolina Panthers, and hockey players from Denmark.

I am selling a couple of cards that are accidental duplicates to my collection from COMC. You can find those here:,sn,i100

On the plus side, selling will make me a more well rounded collector. It is not a bad thing that some of my rants will apply to more people.

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