How was your day: Sorting through my weekend – pictures

I loved reading everyone’s comments about my entry yesterday. I didn’t realize how many of you have gone through the same feelings. Today, you won’t find anything buzzworthy. What you will see is my personal favorites from sorting; and in some cases the stories that come with them. Don’t worry, less than 400 words if you remove this.


Wally Szczerbiak  autographed floor piece, and a no name prospect, Earl Snyder, cut box score. As I Googled them to make sure that I spelled Wally’s name right, and whatever happened to Earl Snyder, I learned that Earl is older than Wally.

 – I put this to the side because Corey Brewer is one of my many favorite players, and then yesterday he joined the Lakers. Go figure.

 – Same name, different sport. Torey & Torii Hunter

 – Another one: Roger Craig was managing the Giants at the same time that Roger Craig was leading the 49ers defense in the same stadium. Interesting coincidence.

 – I’ll trade you this for a Pedro Martinez card.

 – 2 of my all time favorite Hall of Famers. I was a Tom Glavine fan the second I read on the back of his baseball card that he played hockey; even though I loathed the Braves as a kid. I learned to appreciate Morten Anderson after my best friend from Denmark made me realize that Anderson was born there.

 – This was one of those random coincidences. I was searching during the week of Valentine’s Day and I found one from one of the most important people in my life who is now gone. I remember sticking it in with the cards. I do random things like that. I also will stick a five dollar or one dollar bill with my cards every now and then. I didn’t find any money.

 – Speaking of random things, some old tickets from past Dodger’s games. Card boxes are perfect holders for stuff like valentines and ticket stubs.

 – One of my all time favorite pulls. I got a birthday box to open the year that Paul Millsap was a rookie and pulled this. Normally second rounders are throwaway filler autographs but I got to watch him grow and appreciate him.

 – For some reason packs of RockCards were always around. I remember opening packs of them as late as 2003 – they came out in 1991 it looks like. I did listen to good music as a kid but was never much for metal, with the exception of early Metallica albums – I listened to a ton of punk in middle school, Bad Religion, Epitaph & Nitro Records type music. Now though, Megadeth and Testament, are in my music rotation, and they have their own cards in this set.,sh,i100,=RockCards

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