How was your day: Sorting through the weekend

This weekend I tackled sorting my cards. I have 4 boxes that fit 3,500 each box and there wasn’t a method as to how they were organized. With it raining I and me feeling unproductive, I decided to sort them by sport. Below is a stream on consciousness over 4 days of sorting. Tomorrow, I will be posting some of my personal favorites that I came across. Also, a few will be posted on my Ebay for sale, and my SportsCardAlbum for trade.


  • Feeling down because some cards look beat up like crazy.
  • It’s amazing how some cards can look better than the day they were produced but others would look at home in the thrash.
  • Oh crap, I can’t penny sleeve them all.
  • I an putting aside a lot of rookies and players with no experience. I wonder how many of these guys were career minor leaguers when the card was produced. Like it matters, if I never heard of them then I should be junking them anyway.
  • My back really hurts.
  • Will the cats please leave me alone. I know that I am in there space but I need to protect the cards.
  • Found remnants of a horrible box I cracked. Andres Toress auto & Tyler Colvin jersey card; yuck.
  • Hey Andrew Miller’s rookie is worth something after all; not much but I remember tossing the card in here when I thought that he was a bust.
  • I really enjoyed the sticker books as a kid. Too bad that I write them off as an adult.
    Donruss baseball 2005, the set that got me back into collecting
  • I made it to box 2. I wasn’t expecting this. I don’t have enough room in my room or the house. I’ll manage though. This feels good.
  • Dave Parker was an Angel?
  • I am really appreciating anyone who had a long career. So many failed prospects over all sports.
  • Jamier Moyer was a Cardinal?
    Oriole too?
  • Dave Parker was an Angel?
  • Its been a while since I last saw a John Elway card. For a while, it felt like I owned all of his cards.
  • Seems like the cats know better now. They get the importance because I never get mad at them.
  • Lee Smith was an Angel?
    A Red Sock?
  • Louis Polonia; feels like he is everywhere now in my collection.
  • Found an early Tom Candiotti card. He always looked old.
  • I feel like I could ditch half of my football cards tomorrow and not care.
    Panthers base cards still do it for me though. It is cool because as I was sorting the cards, they stuck out to me like the autos and relics did.
  • I have too many baseball cards. Worst part is, they are all base from 80s, 90s, and early 00s so they are probably worthless. I can just imagine a thief taking my baseball boxes, thinking he hit the jackpot but then pulling a but then realizing that they are all crappy Dodgers from yesteryear.

One thought on “How was your day: Sorting through the weekend

  1. Cool post. I often find myself saying the same things! I feel like each time I’m sorting a box like this, I always seem to say… “oh yah, I forgot he played with them.”

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