Angry: Turn that frown upside down

For starters, I am not bipolar. Not that you need to know but I have been tested extensively on that because of my PTSD. Internet drama can make anyone crazy. I have a few ex-girlfriends who can back me up on that. Now let’s move on to what happened after my earlier post:
– I accepted defeat after the post.
– I went back and forth on Twitter with AskEbay. I wanted to report the buyer for scamming me more than anything. That ended up turning into nothing. No big deal.
– I took it upon myself to look up similar items and message about 30 sellers with bids on their item the following message: “I am sending you this message because I sold a similar item. User “deadshotspokemon ” scammed me because I didn’t physically send him the codes. I messaged them to him on Ebay messaging of all things and he claimed that he never received the codes. The worst part, when he opened a case, Ebay gave him his money back even though he used the codes. Ebay said that I needed a tracking number. I am suggest you send them to whoever buys them to protect yourself.”

– I didn’t think that messaging people would be helpful but I  figured that if I could help one person  today then it was worth it. I hope I helped but reaching out to others really helped me. A user, llcrayolall7, gave me some great advice and said to call Ebay. I figured why not so I called. Worst that can happen is that I lose a few minutes of my time.

– So this ended up happening:

– Ebay’s help on the phone told me to list it as a digital item if I resell any similar items. I wish that I remembered the guy’s name who helped me because I want to personally mail him a gold star. He explained what happened, why it happened, and what could’ve been done.

So moral of the story is that there is awesome people on Ebay. I learned my lesson. I still need a break. I apologize if this came off as whining but I have learned that things work themselves out for me when I say them out loud in the universe; speaking of which: I am sick of losing when I play the lotto, ha.

If you sell on Ebay and are reading this, I appreciate how much hard word you do. It is not as easy as it looks.

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