Pickups: Prestige rarities

I picked up a handful of cards this week from Ebay that put a dent in my Prestige collection. At this point it is pretty hard to find a seller that has a ton of cards I need. The first 4 pictures, 12 cards, 10 that I needed are from 1 seller. By some miracle, I paid about $20 for the lot. The reality is that if you told me I could get a quarter of these for that price, I would’ve taken it; albeit not been ecstatic. Here is a grievance though, $8 of that $20 was for shipping. The seller didn’t even pocket the majority of the money as he shipped it in a box with peanuts instead of a bubble mailer. On the plus side, I could say that I put a dent in my collection for dollar cards. They may look like it but they are not; and that is not just me saying that. I could’ve paid $12.99 for a similar David West card, which is what I essentially paid for the lot.




Those pictures were boring I know. Here is some to jazz things up. I picked these cards, the Anthony boys, for cheap in hopes that I can flip them and recoup what I paid.




I also picked up this. I needed the Chris Paul. I loved the Tyrus Thomas patch as it shows how great the Bobcats colors were. I figure that I can flip the Stuckey.20170414_211416

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