Pickups: COMC pickups of my favorite teams

All of these were impulse buys with the exception of one: Eric Davis the corner-back. All but that one were under $5, and usually well under.


Robin Ventura’s autograph has been on my must have list. One of my all time favorite players. He was a personal favorite before he became a Dodger in the later stages of his career. I never caught a foul ball at Dodger Stadium so I got the next best thing, a card with a game used ball in it. Fleer Authentix is one of my all time favorite releases. I picked this one up because the ticket was from the days when I went to games regularly. If only this ticket was actual size.

Below is an autograph and a rookie card from Eric Davis the football player. I actually have one of his autographs but not certified. That autograph, from my one and only 49ers game. He signed a football for me from his car after the game. From that day on he became my favorite player. When he joined the Panthers, that further cemented his legacy in my heart.



Jordan Gross was the heart and soul of Panthers teams in the 00s. I love the look of the Unparalleled Funchess card; another underrated set. The others were cheap impulse buys that fill some gaps in my collection.

I ended up with two of the same card, Stephen Davis helmet. When I took a hard look at the Panthers helmet, I realized the black was from a sticker so to me they are two different cards. I picked up the Munnerlyn before he re-signed with the Panthers. I like that the Short card was a similar parallel to the Panthers color. I paid 35 cents for the mini.

One thought on “Pickups: COMC pickups of my favorite teams

  1. I may be a Cubs fan, but Robin Ventura was always a favorite of mine too, mostly because we had a souvenir cup from Comiskey Park which featured Ventura’s face. It’s funny how sometimes that’s all it takes.

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