Happy Mother’s Day: my mom & card collecting

Three posts in less than a week on here, that’s crazy but I was inspired today. With it being Mother’s Day, you don’t really think of card collecting and moms going hand in hand. Well my mom is the exception. I find it fitting that I am writing this while my mom is in the room with me and the Dodgers game is on.
I grew up during the great baseball card boom of the 1990s where everyone was collecting. So naturally my mom and I did a lot of collecting together. Unlike a ton of collectors during that time we collected because we loved the game. During the early 1990s we went to so many Dodgers games. Those games with my mom are the very reason that I started collecting. My card collecting started out as my mom buying me Dodgers team sets during the games. We went to games on school nights, weekends, with friends, whenever.
The team sets turned into player collections and packs. From 1992 to 1996 the Dodgers swept the rookie of the year category. I cringe to think how much money we spent on rookie cards, adjusted for inflation – although I don’t regret it because these cards made me feel closer to my favorite team and players. It wasn’t out of the question to spend $25 on a Mike Piazza rookie; darn thing isn’t even selling for half that now. She loved it. She even collected as a child. We were able to share the hobby together.
I have to give my mom credit. She did all of this while working full time, going through a divorce, and pretty much raising me single-handedly. So here’s to you mom and any other mom that kicks ass just like my mom.
I would love to see comments and stories of your mom and collecting. I know that I am not the only one.

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