Random Review: McDavid Pre-Rookie Fairfield Target product

First off, I am running a contest where I am giving away a PDF file of my new book. You can find that link here: https://twitter.com/angryccollector/status/880143105692909568


For $9.99 you are promised a McDavid rookie, hobby pack, and an autograph. So let’s see what I got.


20170628_151829 The contents of the pack.

The auto: Mike Moore rookie auto – he can now be found in a European Hockey League; and not even an elite one.
The pack: Vanguard pack – I feel like this is a reach to say that it is a hobby pack. If I bought this for the hobby pack, I would be livid. Fortunately I bought it for the McDavid pre-rookie.

I got what I paid for. That said, it was still very disappointing. I bought it for the McDavid pro-rookie so I still left content.


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