Random Review: 2017 Hit High Series blaster

Let me tell you how my last three hours has been: I was lounging around glad that the day was over because my PTSD really got to me today. I was glad the day was winding down and I could sleep soon to get away from my thoughts. Fate had other plans. My sister yells for me because there is an injured bird in the backyard that she wants to save. When you are down something like this can do one of two things: cheer you up because it gets you out of your head or bring you down further. I took route three, and went numb. She asks if I can take it to the vet. So she calls the only animal hospital we know that takes wild animals and they say that they can take it, thank you ConejoVet.com.  It’s only ten miles away but they are two freeways away during rush hour. Will this animal survive it?

So I make the drive. When I drive, I normally blast some Christian heavy music. I don’t do that and spend the whole drive talking to the bird. I am talking to it, saying prayers. We make eye contact the whole way as this thing is suffering. This poor thing is looking at me in misery. I knew someone who said cute animals are the worst and this was the case. It was a cute suffering animals, as heart wrenching as it gets. All I can think is ‘please don’t die.’ In between those thoughts I am thinking, ‘fuck finances, I am going to treat myself to a blaster box after this.’ I was already looking for NFL rookie autographs earlier today because I wanted to check the price of a few that I want to start a personal collection of. Unfortunately Panini hasn’t flooded the market yet so the prices are all out of whack.

So the bird survives the trip; thank God. By this point, I am so spent that I barely make eye contact with the girl helping me. My self conscious makes me feel like an asshole because she is disabled and all I can think is ‘I hope that she knows that I have nothing against her, I just want to get out of here because this is depressing.’ I am told that the bird will probably survive as it is a broken wing. I keep going back and forth about buy a box of cards. I say ‘fuck it, maybe karma for helping this animal out will give me something good.’ Ha.

So my choices were Contenders football or Hit high series. 2 autographs or 3. I was going to go for Panini but when I grabbed the Hit box, I noticed under it was a $14.99 price tag. It wasn’t for Hit but I took my chances. In line I looked at the checklist and I was excited. There are 3 players who I want in my PC and I have a chance at 2 of them. I was thankful because I could at least get a card of them for my PC because I rarely pull doubles of base cards in the past.

Well the autographs were nothing to write home about. One guy is next to impossible to search for history on in Aaron Bailey. Seriously it is 2017. I know it’s a common name but he is an NFL player. Search engines failed me so I had to search NFL.com just to find info on him. It looks like the Ravens signed him. The other two are Lions and Eagles 4th and 5th rounders respectively.

The product was decent but I was so disappointed with the results. I got a bunch of doubles on my base cards, completely whiffing on one of the players I coveted: a QB in this draft class. I at least got a pair of Christian McCaffrey doubles. He can bust out but he is a Panther so those will always be in PC. If this was any other time, I would be ticked. I got the rookies from a bunch of skill position players that have a ton of hype; you know the receivers and running backs.

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