USPS tracking said that I had a package in the mail that would arrive yesterday, Friday. It didn’t arrive this weekend. I accidentally spent over $20 at I bit on his Corey Seager cards and the next thing I knew, I added a dozen cards to my cart. Great site. He shipped the next day following my order. I have ordered from him in the past and will order again. Keep an eye out on my Twitter where I will post my finds.


I have an unopened box of cards sitting on my desk from Blowout Cards 4th of July sale. I don’t feel like opening it. Instead of my weekly post about cards, I am doing this. I wrote a post about Chester Bennington and dealing with suicidal thoughts. I didn’t post it here because I have been making an effort to stop posts like these on here but this one is important to me. I feel like I have written parts of this post before so I am sorry if I am repeating myself to some of you. It was in response to everyone posting the suicide hotline on their social media, saying that they would be there for those suffering, and to quell some misconceptions. I am sick of people blaming drugs. I talked further about it alluding how you can blame a car in a car crash but it was the driver’s error who caused it. You can find that post here:


I told the people at Punched that I would post their link on here. It is a fun site that gives you deals on stuff in exchange for playing a game. Right now there are very few players so you could easily snag a great deal. I have bought a ton of stuff because of them including a $250 projector where they paid me the next day back for it, minus tax. You can find them here:

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