Random Review: 2- 2017 Contenders Draft Picks blasters

So, I was looking for a football set that I could get into this year loaded with rookies, and by virtue of elimination Contenders is it. I was looking for a few things: rookies, availability of blaster boxes, a great insert set, and something that would realistically not break my budget.

I don’t like that the base rookies are all autographs but I wanted a set with inserts that excited me. Contenders hits that mark.¬†Seriously Panini, this is the best you can give me? You are releasing several dozen products and this is the only one that is loaded with rookies and realistic for a budget collector, that isn’t the flagship set.

Goals: base cards numbered 1-100 which is the non autographed base & complete the insert sets. I’ll probably accumulate a bunch of autos 101-300 over the next 5 years but I can’t see myself doing what I did with 2013-14 Prestige basketball.

Since I am going to collect this, I must say that I really like the base design. When I do sets, I plan on holding them for a long time. I like sets like this: nothing flashy with a timeless look that should hold up well with all facets of designs in this product.

How I did: 46/100 cards with 6 duplicates. Not bad
Insert sets:
Rush Week: 2/10
Game Day Tickets: 8/30
School Colors: 6/20
Old School Colors: 6/20
Passing Grades: 2/10
Collegiate Connections: 4/10

The autos: Charles Walker, left college early and appears to be undrafted and not even signed.
Joseph Yearby, great autograph but he clearly has time on his hands as he followed the exact same path as Walker.
Rushel Shell, blue parallel autograph undrafted, caught on with the Steelers, was cut Monday.
Carlos Henderson, a College Bowl Ticket REDEMPTION, 3rd round by the Broncos.

Most collectors will probably rip this just because it has 2 autographs per blaster. If that is you, I suggest that you take your chances with Sage which has a shorter checklist and less of a bust rating. After looking at the checklist and seeing what the autographs are going for, despite the multiple hits, the bust rate is huge in this product as you are looking at a checklist with about 250 different autographs. Then again, I can’t see anyone buying this product for set building unless they are crazy like me.

Overall a solid product but if you tell me that in five months, it will be hitting clearance shelves, I will not be surprised at all.

(Since I am putting a collection together for this product, I will not entertain any trade offers.)

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