Random Review: Contenders Draft Picks blaster box 3


Blaster box 3 of my effort to stock up on a rookie product with the goal of completing all of the insert sets.

How I did: 8 duplicates of the 20+ base cards. Not bad. I now have a shade over half of the base 100 done. I have 2 more blasters to rip and would love to hit 75%.
Insert sets:
Rush Week: 2/10. I needed both and am now up to 4 of the 10.
Game Day Tickets: 3/30. I needed all of them and am now up to 11 of the 30.
School Colors: 3/20. I needed all of them and am now up to 9 of the 20.
Old School Colors: 2/20. I needed both and am now up to 8 of the 20.
Passing Grades: 2/10. I needed both and am now up to 4 of the 10.
Collegiate Connections: 2/10. I needed both and am now up to 6 of 10

The autos: Shock Linwood, left college early and appears to be undrafted and not even signed.
Jaleel Johnson, 2nd pick of the 4th round by the Vikings. Not really doing good in camp right now as he failed at a position switch. My guess is that he will make the main roster because of what the team has invested in him.

I am going to paste my review of this product from the last post as I just noticed my WalMart added 5 more blaster boxes of it, so my guess is that it will be around for a while:
Most collectors will probably rip this just because it has 2 autographs per blaster. If that is you, I suggest that you take your chances with Sage which has a shorter checklist and less of a bust rating. After looking at the checklist and seeing what the autographs are going for, despite the multiple hits, the bust rate is huge in this product as you are looking at a checklist with about 250 different autographs. Then again, I can’t see anyone buying this product for set building unless they are crazy like me.

Overall a solid product but if you tell me that in five months, it will be hitting clearance shelves, I will not be surprised at all.

(Since I am putting a collection together for this product, I will not entertain any trade offers.)

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