Pickups: Panini Points put to good use

I have accumulated a bunch of Panini points. I finally put some to good use. I found 2 autographs that I would regret passing up on for the points. I still think that it is bullshit that we have to pay for shipping on these.

Walker Buehler – 150 points, Dodgers number one prospect just called up today. This was a steal and I am considering flipping it if I get a solid offer. At 150 points, even if he busts, I still got an autograph of a player from my favorite team.
Marc Gasol – 250 points, I am a Griz and Gasol brothers fan. I have a Pau auto and am ecstatic to finally get a Marc auto.


2 thoughts on “Pickups: Panini Points put to good use

  1. I agree with you on the shipping. We already paid for the cards when we bought the packs and boxes. Why do we have to pay, a lot at that, again?

    Great snag on the prospect auto

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