Random Review: 6 month old WalMart basketball repack

November 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

Today is another example of my tendency to not open boxes that I buy right away – for the record if I got any review boxes from companies I would open those right away, hint, hint as I know some of you read. I probably had an appetite for cards as mail didn’t come this weekend because of Veterans Day. I don’t remember how much this product was. It was probably $19.99 but it could have been $14.99. I hope it was cheaper because despite offering hobby packs, it was awful as you will see.

I bought this expecting cheap Prestige packs that would make me happy. I certainly wasn’t expecting 5 of the same packs; a flagship product with hits hard to come by.

I did beat the odds and got a Beckett rookie card that came 1 in 4 boxes.

I didn’t pull anything good. The Prizm was all base cards with a Shabazz Muhammad rookie card. Other than that, the flagship packs offered some inserts that are selling for cheaper than base cards.

I am pretty convinced that whoever made this product searched the packs to keep the hits for themselves. I highly doubt that I would pull 3 cards of the same player in the packs otherwise.  

The red, white, and blue parallel was decent at least. I didn’t open it but it has Bradley Beal, Chris Paul, and Jason Kidd cards in it.


Random Review: Birthday Gift Card 17 Hit + hockey packs

November 9, 2017 § Leave a comment

Monday was my birthday. I didn’t get any cards but I got a $15 Target gift card to buy some. (I would like to preemptively thank everyone wishing me a Happy Birthday; so thank you.) I wasn’t expecting to spend the gift card right away, or even open the product right away. I was in the Target parking lot going to another store and figured why not see what they had. Well to my surprise they had what I wanted and on clearance. So I was thinking this is too good to be true. A 2017 product on sale. This is perfect, so perfect I bet that I hit a Kizer autograph with a side of Kaaya.

I didn’t hit any good autographs. Two guys on practice squads and a guy who went to Central Missouri who didn’t even get signed as a camp arm. Fortunately I don’t mind this rookie class so the hits weren’t the end all be all.

I also saw two thick packs of the current NHL Artifacts. I figured one would be a redemption. Instead they were decoys. I deserve that for noticing they were thicker than the rest.

Random Review: $11.99 Fairfield Hockey repack 2nd box

November 8, 2017 § Leave a comment

At the end of September I reviewed this product and said that I bought 2 boxes – found here. I finally got around to opening the 2nd box.

The packs:

Inside the packs:
Coin was Felix Potvin

Messier card is numbered out of 500.

Random Review: Panini Player of the Day packs

November 3, 2017 § Leave a comment

I wasn’t expecting to open any Player of the Day packs this year but I unexpectedly ended up with some. Last week I won a Monday Night Football contest where you had to guess the number of passing yards total. I was off by one. The reward was an autograph but to my surprise they also threw in three packs.

2 cards per pack. You can see the breakdown below. In my experience the pulls on these packs are notoriously tougher than other promotions so I wasn’t expecting anything:

I will say that I was hoping to pull more rookies. 2 veterans in 2 of my packs didn’t make me all that enthralled. The rookie that I did pull is great though.

As for the autograph that I got. I was able to choose from 1 of 3 players. I chose the Haason Reddick autograph as he is one who is on my list of players that I wanted from this draft class and the others weren’t; I don’t even remember who they were but it was a Bills and Jets player. Reddick was legitimately in my top 5 autographs for this class after Watson, Engram, Trubisky, and McCaffrey.

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