Random Review: 2017 Elite college football

The past few months have been crazy for me. I had a bunch of money saved up and lost it due to bills. During that time, I said if I am going to lose my savings, I am going out in style. If my savings account is going to hit zero then I deserve a purchase for myself. This meant that I bought some Christmas presents in October and got a box of cards that I wanted. I actually bought two, Panini Elite and a hobby box of this year’s Sage football. I finally had some downtime and opened one of the boxes. So without further ado here is how my box of 2017 Elite college edition turned out.

5 packs with an autograph in each pack.
One of my packs had two autographs in it. Actually two of the lower numbered autographs from this box.
The auto:
Randall Goforth – numbered to 25 – looks like a former Eagle who didn’t make the cut
Damore’ea Stringfellow – numbered to 49 – same pack as Goforth, Jets practice squad player, already on his second team
Marlon Mack – numbered to 99 – Colts fourth rounder
Dalvin Cook – numbered to 50 – chances are you already know about him. I would love this pull if he had a decent signature
Ryan Ramczyk – numbered to 99 – Saints first rounder, legitimate PC pull
Malik Hooker – numbered to 99 – Colts first rounder

Numbered cards
Tony Dorsett – numbered to 99
Dede Westbrook – numbered to 49, rookie
Michael Thomas – numbered to 49
Samaje Perine – numbered to 25, rookie
Inserts shown were not numbered.

After swimming in crap with my Contenders this year, I feel this box hit it out the park. I got three very high draft picks and beat the odds with an extra autograph. The numbered non autographed rookies are two rookies that I am very excited for. This was a very fun box. I love this rookie class and can’t wait until they hit the bargain bin a few years.

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