Random Review: 2 Black Friday 2017 Packs

I was near my favorite hobby shop today accidentally on purpose. I was with my buddy who I talked into helping me buy a box because I paid for breakfast. So I bought a box of cards today and got two Panini Black Friday football packs. I was given the option football or all sport but said football because as I have said a thousand times over that I like this rookie class. I was expecting to post four base cards for this post, so naturally I pulled something great. If you think the top picture is amazing, scroll to the second picture.

The way the cards in the pack were laid out it was that if you knew what kind of cards were in the pack, you had a good idea, at least with this pack. I instantly had a pretty good idea what it was because I couldn’t envision Panini putting Gridiron Kings type frames in this product. There was no attempt to conceal that a hit was in this pack. As someone who has called out breakers and people for giving Black Friday, Cyber Monday, VIP packs to their friends, this does nothing to remedy that problem that is clearly prevalent in the hobby. As much as I have a good relationship with my card guy, I know that he didn’t give me a hit on purpose; I shop at his shop because he is ethical like that.

If my card guy knew that he gave me a hit with the Beckham Black Friday patch, I really do not think he had a clue that he gave me a second hit with the next pack. It was two thin cards.

My hand started shaking after I pulled this. I still can’t believe it is real. A Jameis Winston autograph.

After I opened these and showed my buddy who isn’t a collector, he asked if I was going to open the box of cards we bought. I almost replied ‘what box?’ I actually bought another box, from PackRip. That will be posted in a day or two.

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