Random Review: Clippers Store Holiday Mystery Bag

This is a review of an item exclusive to Staples Center:
So last Thursday I went to the Clippers/Jazz game at Staples Center. I had good seats but overpaid considering 8 of the top 10 players worth seeing on both teams did not play. That’s besides the point because I had a good time with my best friend who was in town.

During the game we talked about how the Clippers have become our default favorite team. Consequently we wanted to grab an item from the team store. My buddy wanted to buy a stocking to take home but decided on the mystery bag because it promised 3 items for the price of a stocking. We bought 2 mystery bags because why not? Since I was driving, I did not open mine until recently. We got the same items in our mystery bags. You can see the picture below of what was in the mystery bag. I got a holiday shirt, stocking, and Deandre Jordan ornament. Unfortunately, my ornament is missing his hand. The piece wasn’t even in the bag and I was disappointed that someone would blatantly place an item like this in the bag. Jordan is one of my favorite players in the game but now I have a useless ornament. I hope the Clippers make it right as I contacted them – I will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, if you go to a game, these are worth it but open it up immediately.



Update 12/11/17, but would have come several days earlier if UPS tried even a little:

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