Random Review: 2017 Donruss basketball blaster

You can currently buy an Edmund Sumner autograph on COMC for 98 cents. I didn’t search too deep but I found 1 comparable autograph to the one I pulled on Ebay for $5 or best offer plus $3 shipping. Regardless, I am pulling for him.

I was really happy with this box. I got some rookies that I am missing, pulled a couple extra important ones. Encounting the Retro inserts was fun. I wish it was more plausible to pull more. Maybe when this rookie class comes crashing down to earth in the market, I will pick up a hobby box of this product.

This is actually me second Mitchell rookie but I can’t get enough. Even if he busts out, he will be in my personal collection.

When I open boxes, I will be doing more of this Twitter pack by pack. Not only is it easier on the website storage but more importantly to me, it is more engaging. I will still post the full results here but be sure to follow me.

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