Pickups: more Donruss basketball rack packs

No longer titling this a ‘Random Review,’ as I have ‘reviewed’ these to death. Excuse the fact that I forgot how to spell for. I hate typing on cell phone keyboards. I am six and a half feet, more or less, so you can can imagine how big my hands are.

I collated this instantly. I felt the excitement of seeing how close I was to finishing the set. When I opened these, the very first card was a rookie that I knew for a fact I needed so I was excited.

I picked these up as a treat. I got in free to the hockey game that I went to last night and a Target was down the street. On a side note, I seriously love Division 2 hockey and enjoy the fact that my SoCal alma mater has a hockey team. Below are some of my ramblings regarding the game.


Well, this short post turned into a lengthy one. I have a box of cards out to open. I will do a post in the next few days, and it won’t be a Donruss basketball post.

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