Random Review: 2017 Hit low series blaster

It’s Ash Wednesday and as a Deacon that means that life is good; even if Ash Wednesday wasn’t celebrated at my church this year. Anyway, this year I wrote down a list of things that I will be giving up this lenten season and cards with the exception of a final pack of Donruss basketball and any cards that I set Ebay alerts when they go up for sale for my Prestige collection. Not that I need to defend myself but I told myself that I would buy a final pack of Donruss when I saw how close I was to a finished set, a few days before making my lent decision. I gave up some other things as well.
Anyway me giving up buying cards* isn’t a sign that I will not be posting on here. If anything, that is a commitment to what I have in my arsenal and haven’t opened yet. Since I didn’t have a Valentine to buy me some cards, I opened a box for myself. Before I move on, that reminds me, I posted a #MiseryPack contest today that ends Friday. Check it out:

So while I have better things, I was in the mood to open some bad Hit packs. I think this had to do with me falling asleep while watching a retail repack break on Youtube last night. So today I opened a blaster of Premier Draft 2017 Hit Low Series. Naturally these do not have the cheap packs that you find in repacks. I hope this is the wave of things to come if this means that we won’t see them in said products.



The autographs:
Zach Banner – 4th round pick who was cut by the team that drafted him, then latched on with the Browns. Before I researched him, I was happy with this pull anyway because I love collecting offensive lineman.
Garrett Fugate – now in the CFL but hey, at least he latched on somewhere. I actually pulled his autograph in my birthday box. Check that out here: Random Review: Birthday Gift Card 17 Hit + hockey packs
Cooper Rush – Cowboys backup quarterback so not a bad pull


I was surprised to see a duplicate card in here. While there may have been more, I don’t mind having 2 Evan Engram cards. Since I like him as a player, that is the only reason that I noticed. I like collecting the base sets of these cards so I would prefer not to have duplicates. Being that they put in 4 packs, albeit one of which is all inserts, I would rather have the cards sequentially numbered in the packs.

Finally the inserts:


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