Random Review: The Seeker

Currently for sale on BlowoutCards for a whole $12.99. I think that I may have bought it for cheaper than that. I don’t know anything about the movie but I love a cheap fun box. Even if you don’t know any of the actors, there is always potential for a huge boom years down the line. Look no further than Meghan Markle being a throwaway autograph in the Fringe set and now being a $500 card. Now she is an extreme example but you get the point.

I was able to put together 2 full sets from this box. Take note other companies: Inkworks did this right.

Frances Conroy autograph. She has been in everything. I didn’t recognize her from the picture on the card but when I googled her, it was one of those: ‘oh her, cool’ moments. If anything, she might be the autograph that I want. She played Barney’s mother in ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Take a look at her IMDB page, she has quite the impressive resume.

As for movie prop cards, I feel those are underrated. Every non-collector that I show prop cards to loves them. Considering most movies are on a tight budget, why not try to make money on things that will be trashed anyway? I come from a Hollywood family and I have seen my family throw away things that people will kill for. Heck I would do a lot for a prop from a movie like ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Major League.’

Decent insert cards.

Overall, this box hit the mark. It made me interested in the movie. I had fun opening it. While I didn’t encounter any surplus value from the cards, I got what I wanted out of it. It did what these boxes should do. It is a nice fun break. I am not sure of this hit ratio on these boxes but even if it offers just one, it is worth the price.

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