Random Review: 2012 Press Pass Sports Town Football Blaster Box

A 1 autographed card per box product and only that card. I bought this from Blowout Cards in December for a shade over $5. Right now you can find these boxes in the $8 to $16 price range.

It was interesting to see Michael Floyd and Trent Richardson cards on the box as selling points.

A Courtney Upshaw autograph. He was an early 2nd round pick so this would have been a decent card at the time. It’s still not a bad card in my book, even with 1 currently being on sale for a buck.

If you come across a box under $10, it is worth a shot. Andrew Luck, Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, and Nick Foles are in this set. Press Pass is also not a bad card company and I wonder how much of the value from the card is depressed because of the Press Pass name on it.

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