Undervalued: Hockey Collectors

Today before church, I posted the above Tweet. I want to unpack this a little:

I feel the value is proportionate and consistent. Rookies get a bump for being rookies with the superstars valued accordingly. Basic jersey cards sell for little patches fetch a premium. Same goes for autos. With all do respect to other sports, I feel that hockey collectors know their players better so you won’t see a crazy fluctuation in prices like you see with baseball and football. When some random guy has a career season, hockey collectors already already knew he was good so you won’t see a huge bump. The only real bumps you see are for unexpected call ups. Even in those cases, if it is really unexpected then the player sometimes doesn’t even have a card made. Diving deeper, while hockey does have a premium team bias, it doesn’t have an extreme undervalued team bias. For example with baseball you have close to a dozen teams where you can get their best prospect’s autograph for value compared to other teams. In hockey, the most undervalued team is the Florida Panthers and even then you have Roberto Luongo giving them a bump. You can’t say that about any of the Florida teams in baseball or even a team like the Royals.

For the record, I put this in the ‘Undervalued’ section of the site because I feel that hockey collectors are not as appreciated as others.

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