How Was Your Day?: Fat Packs Updated

10 days ago, I posted about being on the Beckett radio podcast. Fat Packs has now posted it. I just wanted to update everyone with the link. Forget my story, the other stories in this are awesome. Every collector has a different journey and this episode definitely shows it; for that matter every shop owner has a different journey.


For context on my interview and to see how fun that day was as a whole, check out the post from it here.

Random Review: 2004 Pacific Heads Up Sweater Edition

As a low budget collector, the best way to find value is in the fun of aspect of the hobby. As I was perusing Steel City Collectibles clearance bin, I came across a product that looked so fun that I couldn’t pass it up. I bring you my Random Review of ‘2004 Pacific Heads Up Sweater Edition.’

I was drawn in for a few reasons. The biggest is that the sweater included looked awesome and I looked forward to displaying it. The other is the fact that it included Dustin Brown and Marc-Andre Fleury rookies. Dustin Brown, eh? Well, as someone living in Los Angeles, he captained our two Stanley Cup teams. He is also my favorite player because of his grit. He is not the best player in the world but he is a bridge from the old time hockey to the new speed game.

As I have been doing for a lot of my Random Reviews, you can find them on Twitter if you follow me.

In this batch, the Jokinen and Lombardi were numbered. All 3 numbered cards were to 250 or 299.

I had all the Tweets written out and sent on my phone but I think that I bugged out the application on my phone from all of the Tweets so I had to do the last one there. It made no difference to me as it was the end of the box since I pulled the two jersey cards and only had the big sweater to pull.

I may have been chasing Fleury’s but this Yzerman was a pleasant surprise. He is the architect of Tampa Bay’s current roster. Detroit is one of my secret favorite teams as my mom is from there and she told me stories of going on dates to see Red Wings games.

I will be real at $30, this product is probably overpriced. Like I said, I do not chase value. I bought this for fun. The fun grade on this was out of the park. 90% of these cards are PC cards.

How Was Your Day?: Fat Packs Podcast

A week ago on Facebook I saw an ad promoting an appearing by the Fat Packs podcast in Van Nuys at a card shop that I have never heard of before. Being that it was within 30 minutes of me, on my day off, and a podcast I occasionally listen to I marked it on my calendar as a must go to event.

That appearance was today and I had a blast.

When I first walked in, I immediately noticed Eric from the podcast and introduced myself. After some quick greetings, he invites me to interview on the show. Woah! I was not ready for this as I was expecting to be a fly on the wall. Of course I said yes. After meeting a bunch of other people there, we were off with the interview. My irrational thoughts on it are at the end of this.

I met someone from Beckett and another Twitter follower. I am awful with names but great with faces, so if I met you today give me a shoutout as I would love to stay in touch.  The turnout could have been better so the people there got to know each other pretty well. Hey, some of the best concerts that I have ever been too are the ones with the worst turnouts and today stayed true to that. It was fun hearing everyone’s stories. I came to be a fly on the wall and ended up being an active participant.

During an interview break, Eric invited myself and another collector to play pack wars. We cracked a box of this year’s Topps Series one baseball. The person who pulled the hit got to keep all of the box contents. I was a little slow opening packs because I was enjoying the inserts and rookies. I didn’t pull the hit but the other collector was awesome and let me keep some Astros card and an Alex Verdugo rookie. That was super awesome of him and I am thankful for the gesture. Also, thanks to Eric for picking me to play. The relic pulled was a Salvador Perez spring training relic.

I stayed for all the interviews which were great. The guest may not have big names but they have great stories. Every collector, collects from a different angle and it was fun to hear from a shop owner, a high end collector, and the shop owner’s mom. I left just in time to hit notorious LA traffic with two accidents on the freeway on my way home.

Check out Fat Packs at Beckett Radio. Here is the link for you:

Also thanks to Cardboard Legends for hosting a great event. I can’t believe the store was never on my radar.



This is down here because of potential spoilers on my interview:

A music teacher told me that any artist thinks that everything he does can be improved. My interview went that way. I bobbled simple questions like “what sport do you collect?” and “tell me about some bands you played with.” These were softball questions and I bobbled them. I am a hardcore wrestling fan, and they had Mark Henry on their most recent show. I could have steered it to my wrestling collection.
We talked about my love for the 2017 draft class and I found myself talking about  ArDarius Stewart because my brain couldn’t think of better players that I am excited about like C.J. Beathard, Solomon Thomas, Mitchell Trubisky, Hasson Reddick, Cam Robinson, and Curtis Samuel. Then when we talked my music career, I wanted to brag how I played shows with bands that turned into Portugal the Man and Fun! I couldn’t think of a PG story to tell from that area and ended up talking bands whose names might get cut from the show because I talked about the Circle Jerks. I have great stories to tell from that time but they are either too mature to talk about and/or incriminate members of great bands or friends of mine. It is funny though, in my time working the music industry and for a local newspaper, I did a bunch of interviews but was never on the other side myself. Sorry if the interview was bad. I have no hard feelings if it gets cut.

Random Review: 2016 Donruss Optic baseball rack pack box

I am at the point in my collecting journey where I have very few things on my (attainable) collecting bucket list. Things are getting to be pretty inane for the list because other than adding some cards in my collection, I can’t think of anything after this. I pulled a one of one, I pulled a hall of famer’s autograph, I opened a case. One thing on my list though was I always wanted to open a rack pack box.

So I wanted a product who had base cards that I cared about. One that I would be excited about if I went hitless. So when I saw that I could get an Optic box that featured Corey Seager rookie cards, it was an easy call. It cost $25 plus shipping. I am notorious for not opening boxes for ages but because this was a bucket list item, I opened it immediately.

I was so excited that I didn’t take a picture of the layout of the packs but it looked a lot like the normal retail pack boxes, and not rack packs, making me wonder if sometimes they are laid out like that.



The rookies I hit: Sano, Bird, Severino, Turner, Peraza, Shwarber, and others. Of course I didn’t hit any Seager cards in this, despite that being the reason why I bought the product. I also had several chances with inserts and still struck out.


There were four purple parallels per pack. I feel like I hit more than that. Notable is the Story parallel. The only card that I hit duplicates of from this box was the Conforto purple Rated Rookie. I believe other base duplicates are Prizms.


I went hitless, although this is not a hit based product. Samardzija and Tulo are numbered to 99, so is the Tyler Duffey rated rookie. Franco and Braun are numbered to 299. Crawford is numbered to 149. You also see the ROY variation for Bryant and Correa with other inserts.

Overall, I was disappointed at first. I mean if I wanted a bland product I would have been better off buying a rack pack box of Contenders football that you can grab for $12. After sorting and seeing that only half or less of the cards are true base cards, I felt better. This isn’t a hit based product and sorting it ended up being immensely fun.

Speaking of bucket list items: hey Panini, how about inviting me to the rookie premiere? Los Angeles is my backyard.

Angry: Bowman idiots

I am not even saying this out of jealousy. I am saying it because I question the rationale behind the people buying it. Does the person even truly care about Ohtani? How many collectors out there are Angels fans? How many collectors would be fans of this guy if his rookie card wasn’t a money maker?

Then there is the people who do things for internet validation. Those people are the worst. This is real life. If you want internet validation, buy some followers. It is a lot cheaper than the $250 people have been spending on the boxes. Congrats that you maxed out your credit card. Too bad you won’t pull the Ohtani Superfractor from a blaster, dumbass. It’s not like there is an Ohtani autograph in every case either. These people are buying several hundred dollar lottery tickets. THINK IT THROUGH DUMBASS BEFORE BUYING OUT THE STORE. 

Let’s take a look at the math. A blaster is $20 plus tax. Then you have credit card fees on top of that. Posts that I have seen show people buying 12 boxes on average. They resell for $30 shipped. Minus shipping fees, Ebay fees if you list them there, Paypal fees, and credit card fees, and gas money; you are making what $20? Come on, get real people.

Now if you are a legitimate collector and buy Bowman normally: congrats, you are not one of the idiots. You are just an idiot for being a prospect collector.

Random Review: 2018 Panini Stars & Stripes blaster

So buying this product started on a sour note. I used a Target card to get 2 day shipping for it and it did not get to me in 2 days. In fact, the start of the shipping process took 3 days just to get a tracking number. Then this came via UPS, who I have completely lost faith in to begin with. When the package with the blaster box arrived, it came like this:

This was the first time that I videotaped opening a package – I didn’t include the video or post it anywhere because the box was fine. The box was fine but the air bubbles in the box were popped from the damage.

So let’s move on to the box itself.

I want to make clear that my feelings about the shipping of this item are not clouded by what I have to say about the product itself. My judgement on this product is that it is a hit based product. Fun if you are a chasing hits but let’s be honest, that is all this product is for. It takes years for USA baseball products to show their potential. Unless you are a die hard baseball prospecter who happens to be a collector then you are pretty much hit chasing this product. It’s why I bought it. Heck halfway into it, I reminded myself that I was looking people who I had no idea of. When I bought it, I convinced myself that I was chasing beautiful cards. These are beautiful cards though. People say that they are chasing the veterans on this product but the odds of vets in these is not good to begin with.