I really have only played 2 games the past few years. Baseball Mogul is one of them. Right now they have a deal that is worth checking out.

Buy Baseball Mogul 2018 here.

Use code DEADLINE for the next few days to get any 2018 game for half off.

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Challenge Days 1 and 2

If you read my last post, you will know that I gave up cards for a week.

Not sure if this is because of my card break but music has helped me so far. Specifically my love for punk music. Hulu has an L7 documentary and Amazon Prime has the Fat Wrecords documentary.
I am underemployed but I am constantly working. No joke, I am either reading or trying to make money as I rarely play games. The videos above have been mainly background noise. I didn’t appreciate how much cards were a mental break from the monotony of my daily hustle. Sometimes I need to turn off my music, and just let my brain relax for a few seconds. That is where cards help.
Doing this during the MLB trade deadline has been my hardest part. When I see a prospect traded, I don’t go to the prospects lists. I check out their card value or if they even have a card first to help me determine if they are a good prospect.
Also with NFL training camps opening I am tempted to check the price on some stand out draft picks. With this, my challenge has at probably saved my wallet as I have been known to buy someone’s card on COMC if it is under $3 and an analyst thinks they have potential.
Looks like COMC is having a sale through August 5th. Noticed from an email headline and Facebook scrolling. I manage a few brands on Facebook so it wasn’t cheating. Regardless, I will miss it and it is for the best. If you read my last post, you will see that I called a sale happening right now; granted I didn’t name COMC.
It is still hard to avoid all the National Collectors Convention hoopla. I can’t exactly shut down my Twitter account for a week; and I definitely can’t get away with that on Facebook. I am doing my best.

This week’s challenge to my myself

The challenge:
– Do not browse.
– Do not add anything to my collection.
– Do not sell any cards.
– Do not even look at cards in any card aisle or online.
– This will last from Sunday July 29th at Midnight until Monday August 6th at 12:01 am.

– Not allowed to go to COMC, eBay (for sports cards or anything sports team related), breaker sites, card sites (I am looking at you CincySportsCards), or anything in the card collecting realm. This includes searching blasters and even taking advantage of any great deals that present themselves-watch Target have a fifty percent off coupon all blasters this week with my luck.
– I am willing to RT any tags on Twitter that are not sales related. Go ahead and tag me in blog posts. I do ask in return that you RT any of my blog posts. Since I am avoiding cards, my use of Twitter will be limited. Social media is not an exception.
– Do not purposely open any card related email unless it is a personal email. Basically any emails that go out to multiple people will be ignored but I will give the courtesy to answer any emails from an individual. This will allow me the next one:

Caveats and exceptions:
– I can work on the site. I will not post anything in regards to anything that I physically do not have in my possession.
– Speaking of things in my possession, I will not open anything that is not open.
– Arranging cards, such as to clean my desk, is okay. If I can’t do this, I would be paralyzed in my room. I am the guy who found a toploader under his pillow this year.
In full transparency, there is a chance that I may have to pick something card related up that I already paid for. This will either be put off or done in conjunction with an errand in that area. However picking it up will add an extra day to what I am trying to do.
– I have an eBay alert for a couple of specific cards that I am looking for. If for some reason, one appears then I will be penalized the following: one day for viewing the actual eBay page, three days for a bid, half day on notifications the final day of auction when I will get an alert. I believe that I have bids on a card. If for some reason I win that then I will pay but I will penalized a day. I cannot bid anything during this time.
– If I win a contest that I already entered. Doing so will add an extra day to this. which brings us too:

– No penalty on the first day unless I exceed fifteen minutes. I need to train my brain on this day.
– Deviating on any day after will have a one day additional penalty. Penalty is unlimited after the fourth day, meaning that if I mess up at noon on Friday and then mess up at 12:30, that counts as two days.
– I intend to blog my thoughts on this throughout the week, with at least two entries.
– I am doing this to not feel left out of all of the fun that is going on at National.
– To become a healthy collector. I am seeing collecting become an addiction for some people. Heck that is part of the reason why I started this site. I love sports cards but I love my sanity even more. I hope the heart grows fonder with this.

Random Review: Gunslingers repack Round 2

First off, welcome to the new site layout. In an effort to grow and simplify the site, I cleaned it up a little. You may have also noticed the new logo. Thank you for making AngryCardCollector grow. As I have grown as a collector and became more of a trout than a minnow in the sea of collecting, I am making an effort to keep the voice of budget collectors who make up the majority of the hobby.

Today is Round 2 of the WalMart Gunslingers repack product. I bought the last one at only WalMart that sells them in my general area.

Grab by book free while you can

Here is an Amazon deal guaranteed to be actually be a deal instead of a perception of a deal:

Also, here is a preview of this week’s #RandomReview.

If you are seeing this after the fact, grab the book while you can as the $2.99 price tag will go up in August. If you purchase this and want a PDF copy to read, I will be happy to send it to you for no cost – even if you snagged it for free. Offer doesn’t expire unless I find out that I am violating some Amazon policy. Just hit me up on Twitter or in the comments to take me up on it.

Random Review: 2010-11 Pinnacle Hockey

A fun $30 break with 4 hits.

Reminder: yes, today is Friday but this post was done earlier in the week. Twitter followers occasionally get an early preview. While I want followers, my reason for this is to give a post room to organically find its way and breathe.

Going to save the Enstrom city lights card because the Atlanta Thrashers didn’t last long but were one of those teams that I always liked. There won’t be any Atlanta hockey city lights card any time soon.

The pulls were nothing special but I bought this box because I love the Pinnacle inserts. Also I was chasing any City Lights relics which the box gave me. Overall a solid product for the price. It is a shame that it essentially has no current market value. Have I found a hockey hobby box rip that I don’t like? I could open hockey products all day. And hey I can say that I pulled an Orr autograph, too bad it is Colton Orr.

Random Review: 2018 USA Baseball Rack Set

Okay time for me to jump on the boat and give you a review about a current product. Well as current as I can give, being that this is sold out. For $12 you get a set and 3 autographs. This is right in my wheelhouse.

Tyler Holton, Carter Young, and Grant Taylor are the autographs. Holton was a 9th round pick by the Diamondbacks in the 2018 draft.
It was cool seeing Roc Riggio in this set. I had no idea that he had cards. I have personal ties to him that I don’t need to boast about.

I am still stuck on the missing number one card in the set. Is that intentional? I will find out tomorrow when I start raising a ruckus about it.

A great interview on this product can be found at Steel City Cards:

Any link posted is not an affiliate link.

There was a bonus pack that came with the order. That failed to deliver excitement as well.

You can’t win them all.

I reached out to Blowout Cards blog because their coverage is actually what put these cards on my radar. They replied that the following cards 1, 28, and 49 are missing.

Check out their blog here:

Undervalued? – John Tavares

In a card market that has seen rookie cards balloon to astronomical prices, I am starting to question if there is value in established superstars. Now what if I told you that you could buy an autograph of a current superstar. One who has played in New York and will now play in Toronto. What if I told you that he is under 30 and still has many prime years to play? On top of this he is a former number one draft pick only 9 years ago. His name is not Nail Yakupov, it is John Tavares. Is he a hall of famer? Who knows but he has a chance.

So go out and buy John Tavares’ autograph before the market correct itself and he stops selling for $22.

John Tavares autographs at COMC