This week’s challenge to my myself

The challenge:
– Do not browse.
– Do not add anything to my collection.
– Do not sell any cards.
– Do not even look at cards in any card aisle or online.
– This will last from Sunday July 29th at Midnight until Monday August 6th at 12:01 am.

– Not allowed to go to COMC, eBay (for sports cards or anything sports team related), breaker sites, card sites (I am looking at you CincySportsCards), or anything in the card collecting realm. This includes searching blasters and even taking advantage of any great deals that present themselves-watch Target have a fifty percent off coupon all blasters this week with my luck.
– I am willing to RT any tags on Twitter that are not sales related. Go ahead and tag me in blog posts. I do ask in return that you RT any of my blog posts. Since I am avoiding cards, my use of Twitter will be limited. Social media is not an exception.
– Do not purposely open any card related email unless it is a personal email. Basically any emails that go out to multiple people will be ignored but I will give the courtesy to answer any emails from an individual. This will allow me the next one:

Caveats and exceptions:
– I can work on the site. I will not post anything in regards to anything that I physically do not have in my possession.
– Speaking of things in my possession, I will not open anything that is not open.
– Arranging cards, such as to clean my desk, is okay. If I can’t do this, I would be paralyzed in my room. I am the guy who found a toploader under his pillow this year.
In full transparency, there is a chance that I may have to pick something card related up that I already paid for. This will either be put off or done in conjunction with an errand in that area. However picking it up will add an extra day to what I am trying to do.
– I have an eBay alert for a couple of specific cards that I am looking for. If for some reason, one appears then I will be penalized the following: one day for viewing the actual eBay page, three days for a bid, half day on notifications the final day of auction when I will get an alert. I believe that I have bids on a card. If for some reason I win that then I will pay but I will penalized a day. I cannot bid anything during this time.
– If I win a contest that I already entered. Doing so will add an extra day to this. which brings us too:

– No penalty on the first day unless I exceed fifteen minutes. I need to train my brain on this day.
– Deviating on any day after will have a one day additional penalty. Penalty is unlimited after the fourth day, meaning that if I mess up at noon on Friday and then mess up at 12:30, that counts as two days.
– I intend to blog my thoughts on this throughout the week, with at least two entries.
– I am doing this to not feel left out of all of the fun that is going on at National.
– To become a healthy collector. I am seeing collecting become an addiction for some people. Heck that is part of the reason why I started this site. I love sports cards but I love my sanity even more. I hope the heart grows fonder with this.

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