Challenge Days 1 and 2

If you read my last post, you will know that I gave up cards for a week.

Not sure if this is because of my card break but music has helped me so far. Specifically my love for punk music. Hulu has an L7 documentary and Amazon Prime has the Fat Wrecords documentary.
I am underemployed but I am constantly working. No joke, I am either reading or trying to make money as I rarely play games. The videos above have been mainly background noise. I didn’t appreciate how much cards were a mental break from the monotony of my daily hustle. Sometimes I need to turn off my music, and just let my brain relax for a few seconds. That is where cards help.
Doing this during the MLB trade deadline has been my hardest part. When I see a prospect traded, I don’t go to the prospects lists. I check out their card value or if they even have a card first to help me determine if they are a good prospect.
Also with NFL training camps opening I am tempted to check the price on some stand out draft picks. With this, my challenge has at probably saved my wallet as I have been known to buy someone’s card on COMC if it is under $3 and an analyst thinks they have potential.
Looks like COMC is having a sale through August 5th. Noticed from an email headline and Facebook scrolling. I manage a few brands on Facebook so it wasn’t cheating. Regardless, I will miss it and it is for the best. If you read my last post, you will see that I called a sale happening right now; granted I didn’t name COMC.
It is still hard to avoid all the National Collectors Convention hoopla. I can’t exactly shut down my Twitter account for a week; and I definitely can’t get away with that on Facebook. I am doing my best.

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