Challenge Days 3, 4 & 5

Still feeling the effects of not checking card sites; especially for the trade deadline. There were two prospects traded that I wanted to check values on because I may have their cards. Between cross referencing receipts to see if I had them and checking recent sales, I felt it on Tuesday.
Of course a redemption that I was waiting six months for comes in the mail . I did not open the package. Also an eBay purchase came in the mail. Another one that I didn’t open. I haven’t been on eBay a lot and that was my only one.
Where I have been spending my money was on Random Review material and a breaker. You may have noticed that I publicized Maine Sports Cards changing their name to The Breaker Exchange. I don’t consider that a cheat as I have been sitting on that information for a while and was waiting to publicize it.
I may have lingered on a Steel City post and a sale post that I thought was too good be true. It took a few seconds to go ‘no, bad Daniel.’ I gave myself a break as it was 8 seconds of hiccups on a day that I fee the homeless. Speaking of that, there is another day that I felt this. You may notice I do a lot of my Random Review, usually Twitter preview posts, on the third and fifth Tuesdays of the month. I have been known to bust open some product afterward on those days.

Day 5 has been the easiest to date. I am appreciating the money that I saved. Two dollars here, five there, twenty there add up. I say this as I am catching myself doing it with other purchases regarding necessities that I would do anyway.
This has made me appreciate the work that I put into AngryCardCollector as a whole. I am constantly on the lookout for things to post, people to interact with, cool products to buy that would be cool to write about. I am the type who feels like I can always do more but doesn’t take time to smell the roses. This is what makes me a good coach. I can tell you a thousand more ways that I want to improve the site even though I am doing a thousand currently.

Seeing a lot of posts from National. Shout out to the average collector who didn’t/couldn’t attend. Remember, it may not seem like it but we are in the majority. That said, I hope to make National one year; hopefully next year.

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