Challenge Final Days

I was guilty of putting a penny sleeve on a card today. I was cleaning and the card was staring at me.
I should have cleaned my desk as I have several stacks of cards on there but then I would have had to sort through it. I felt that I was cheating if I had to sleeve more cards, make a pc pile, make a donation one, and if needed trade bait pile.
I started reading a book. I didn’t start it to distract myself because I read a lot. What is relevant is that I used a card as a bookmark. Instead of a card, and touching a card consistently during this challenge, I used something else.
I put off picking up an order at a store so I pretty much haven’t cheated.

Did a ton of work for the site. I can’t believe that I started this site 4 years ago. The ‘Who’ and ‘Why’ portions are no longer 4 years old. I have been playing around with logos for ages and finally came across that I was happy with. I am happy with the logo above but you can’t exactly put it on a shirt or sticker because of the colors and way that it is designed. I have spent a good 50 hours since I started this site working on logo related material. I have downloaded a lot of image editing programs, paid a few people to design one, and turned over a few more stones. As I spent 2 more hours doing on logo related work, I said to myself that the best things come by accident. I should add, and with patience. As I essentially gave up, I stumbled upon something that I am finally happy with.


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