Guest Entry: Ron Steve Marion of Sportscard Scammers Exposed

This is the first in what I hope to be many guest blogs. I invited Ron Steve Marion, head honcho of Sportscard Scammers Exposed to write about the forum that he is behind. If you haven’t heard about them, I suggest going back to read last weeks posts which is conveniently linked here: Angry: Sick of being scammed?

I had a guy try to scam me for $20 worth of cards on the 2011 tops football stuff that I’m building and I had seen a couple other scammer pages in the short time that I’ve been on Facebook; but the truth is they were just a bunch a good old boys club where somebody could come and say something negative about somebody else and then everybody would jump on the bandwagon and say somebody was a horrible person in the neck. I wouldn’t even get a chance to defend themselves.

So we allow both sides to tell their story and a lot of times we find that the person that’s initially calling someone else out trying to get them listed turns out to be the bad party in fact. This is why we always allow the other side to defend themselves; and people must post proof.

While these lists go back about two decades or more from old chat rooms and various forms on the Internet like Blowout and Sports Card Forum.

None of the other scammer pages lasted because it ended up becoming a bunch of trolls ganging up on somebody and the admin’s of those page would allow anything and it got to be a really horrible place we’ve had quite a few issues over the years but we’ve taken our opportunities to learn from them.

More than anything it’s just an amazing feeling to have our peers and a hobby look up to us for what we do and we’re just regular guys nothing special we just have really really worked hard to keep the integrity of our hobby together.

I guess that’s kinda my views on our page. The admin Team has changed over the years I’m the only original member left it’s very stressful and it gets to people when you’re around this all day every day all year every year you start to lose a lot of the fun of the hobby because you see so much of the negativity.

But the guys we have doing it now are amazing and they put in so much more work than people realize there’s only five of us.

It’s totally free we host our own webpage off of Facebook. We make our own business cards to hand out at card shows; but networking on Twitter and Instagram are two places we desperately do you want to reach out and start to gain a following but I think it all starts with Facebook.


I would like to thank Ron for sharing this on here, and for running the Scammers Exposed Facebook page.

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