What do I do with all of these cards?

What do I do with all of these cards that I don’t want? The age old question. Whether it is a pile of junk wax or cards from packs where you were hit chasing.

As some of you may know, I am considered a community leader in my town. As a result of keeping tabs on things, I thought to ask if a local charity that gives out care packages to troops if they wanted cards. I was expecting a ‘thanks but no thanks.’ However I was given an unenthusiastic ‘YES.’ I wish that I thought of it earlier.

Not every place will take your cards. What works in one community, may not work in another. It is the reality of dealing with people. I know that a lot of you are introverts, I am myself, but don’t be afraid to ask. It is easier than asking your dream date out.

Knowing that not everything will work, I have seen so many people be creative. Here are more ideas that I have personally done: giving them to teachers for prize boxes, giving them to a local little league, giving them out at Halloween, and of course giving them to a church yard sale. Other places worth hitting up are local boys and girls clubs and hospitals. In some cases, I have had to give places team bags. Considering how rewarding it is to give the cards a good home, the team bags are no skin off of my back; especially considering they would be a sixth of shipping anyway.

So did I miss anything? Do you have ideas?

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