Random Review: WalMart Ohtani repack 15 packs

5 Triple Play packs – at least they knew they were bad .
3 HBP packs – I saw people pull multiple 1/1s out of this. I got none.
3 2014 Prizm Draft Picks retail
2 2016 Topps Series One
1 2012 Panini Golden Age
1 2012 Bowman Chrome
1 Ohtani Leaf

I grabbed this pack because I saw a bunch of people get Stars and Stripes packs in this. Naturally, this didn’t yield one. There have been good boxes of these, I didn’t get one. Hopefully if you picked one up, you did.

Note: I am still working on the camera for these. As of right now, I plan on doing a few more with this camera angle until I can line things up for the better.

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