Random Review: Panini Elite Extra Edition Blaster

What was once an under the radar favorite of many is now at the forefront with blasters and many breakers ripping a ton of retail in Panini Elite Extra Edition baseball.
The product is moving so well that I had to order box online from WalMart.com because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. The blaster that is covered below is your typical $20 blaster box, except it guarantees 2 hits. With the way that blasters are moving towards being hitless, I jumped on this.

The box is normally featured with Casey Mize. He is on the other side of the box above. I wanted to show you a side that isn’t in the typical pictures.

The box guarantees only 5 cards. Fortunately you get quality over quantity.

In deciding to buy this product, I did not see any patch cards pulled from YouTube reviewers. I feel like I did good in that sense. Reynolds was traded by the Giants to the Pirates in the McCutchen deal. MLB.com’s prospect rankings have him as their 8th rated prospect. The patch only says event used. Brito is currently ranked 12th on MLB’s Phillies rankings. The pink parallel is not numbered like the base cards which are numbered out of 999. The autograph was numbered out of 100 and patch to 25.

I am not the biggest fan of numbered relics but there is one thing that I can tell you about this product: I am now a huge fan of these guys. As a collector who occasionally buys prospect based products, I aim to get hits that will make me invested in a players future.

Everything that I have seen out of this product satisfies the fun grade. While my box appears to be a better box, I would still be open to checking it out again. The typical box from what I have seen offers an autograph and a dual relic.

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