Random Review: Numbered eBay Hot Packs

eBay hot packs. The mystery. The misery. What do they offer? A lot of you don’t know. I bought a handful of them a few weeks ago and will be posting ‘Random Reviews’ of them. Today, you will get a glimpse into some hot packs that guarantee numbered cards.
Before diving in, the question is how people know what is in the pack if it is not resealed. In my research the only thing that is definitive is that the searchers can see through a pack. Usually this means seeing a card that is flipped or a different color than the other cards. Going by weight is too complicated. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t try this once. It was impossible for me to tell and I don’t even think about doing it anymore. Side tangent, my method now is that I touch the packs that I am thinking of and if any of them say ‘buy me’ while in my hand then I do that. Sounds a little out there but we are pretty much all sports fans and can understand crazy intuitions and stupidstitions.
Enough of me talking. Today you will see a 2017 Topps Heritage baseball that guarantees a numbered card and I will start with a 2017 Donruss Optic that guarantees a pink ‘Rated Rookie.’ These packs were in the $1.49 price range and were combined with future hot packs.





The packs were nothing special. For as cheap as the packs were, the guarantees did not pay for themselves. While I cannot speak for the seller, you would think that the numbered cards would have a chance at money makers. I suppose that I cannot complain as they were less than a normal pack would cost and they came with a guarantee.

Hot packs are nothing new on this site. Below are past posts of eBay hot packs:
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