Random Review: eBay Hot Pack NBA Hoops

This is the last eBay hot pack from this seller. This one was relatively cheap. I believe it was under $6.




It’s always fun to pull a patch.

While this is a patch, my conclusion is that you will never get anything good from these hot packs. I might buy more if the price is lower than a break and I want to sample a product but overall, I question if these are worth it. I would almost rather see the person resell the cards themselves instead of in packs; that way I have no idea they are searched. I feel that it is at the point that packs need to be put in locks, like alcohol, so they are not searched. The other day, I was in the WalMart card aisle and when I knelt down to see the boxes on the bottom shelf, an associate made it know that they were watching me. I took the time to thank them for doing that.








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