Angry: eBay Adventures

Worth mentioning before you dive into this: Upper Deck epack has a buy one get one free on most football. I snagged 2 Notre Dame boxes for $20.

For good measure here is a $3 coupon on eBay. Enter PERKS4ME. I just used it as of 3:05 pm Pacific on Tuesday April 30th.

Adventure 1:
Since I put together the Luminance base set, I have been gobbling up its printing plates. Now that it is in Plates and Patches, this is affordable for me to do. I bought a bunch of plates from a seller. Naturally I didn’t get any of them.

Beginning of April/End of March: I buy them
Week after: A package arrives from the seller. It has one card in it and eBay says all 5 have been delivered. I contact the seller and the seller says that they will ship items.
Week after that: I message the seller and ask what is up as I have since bought stuff and received it so clearly they didn’t ship. They ask for my address.
Week after that: eBay has a feature now that let’s seller offer discounts on products you made an offer on. The same seller offers me another plate for $5. Since I have not received my items from the seller, I decline.
Last Monday: I file cases.
This weekend: Seller never responds to the cases. eBay rules against me because there is tracking. Naturally I call them and appeal the decisions immediately. It takes them 30 seconds to reverse the decisions. They reverse 4. For the final 1, they initiate a return at the lowest value card. If seller doesn’t respond, I get refund.
Today: I got refunded and got to keep the card. I am not convinced that it was sent by mistake.

I would say the seller’s name but if you bid on someone with 92% feedback on eBay then you deserve the damage the seller will inflict.

Adventure 2:
Last week I read about how Casey Mize is tearing through the minor leagues. Out of curiosity, I check the price of his autograph and it is cheaper than a blaster. COMC has the cheapest but there are some $25 cards that I can offers on. I make offers on 2 cards.
I start with my perfect price and get rejected so I move on to a dollar less than COMC. I go back and forth with one seller in particular. In my notes, I even put that ‘if this get’s rejected, I am going to COMC.’ Seller counters with a higher offer and I reject immediately as I am ready to go to COMC.
In the minute that it took me to go to COMC, the seller messages me on an item that I have for sale saying that he never saw my message and he will do it at my price. As I got the message, I thought how odd it was to get a message on a women’s shoe item at 11 pm and that it would be funny if it was the Mize seller.
Side note: immediately after that the seller of the other card counters at a decent price point. I reject it. Sellers, timeliness is key with offers. When I make offers, I sometimes have 2 or 3 out on similar cards. With me, it does not pay to get cute. Monday: Mize pitches a no hitter. I stress if the card got shipped. By the time that I got home, the card was there.


Thanks for reading. I hope to have 2 reviews up of current products within the next 7 days.

Random Review: LiveBoxBreaks dead packs

Today is National Pretzel Day. Normally I don’t subscribe to inane days but pretzels are awesome; so grab a pretzel and read this entry.

I have been buying into breaks consistently for the past 9 months and I rove between about 4 or 5 breakers. It depends on the products offered, my budget as I can’t really afford case breaks, and the breaker reputation. Today I am going to feature something Live Box Breaks has to offer.

They offer dead packs. They are basically packs at a discount price because the guaranteed hits have been pulled. They were at a decent price so I grabbed some with my most recent purchase. They were also worth the fun grade. I also figured that this was my last chance to open a Prestige pack.
This was several months ago, but I just now got to open them – that reminds me, if a shipment comes in then next week you will actually get to see a new product.





Angry: Thoughts while helping on Scammers database

As some of you may know, I picked up a minor side gig the past few days. I was doing data entry for Sports Scammers Exposed. I added a dozen pages of from the feedback list to the searchable database. A lot of people have many ideas of them. I figured that I would share some of my thoughts that came during my data entry.
I am not affiliated with them. I do endorse them. I had limited editing power on the site and my guess is that I no longer do as my work is finished with them.

  • There were two different labels: scammer and negative feedback. For the most part, negative feedback was for people who didn’t pay for cards they claimed and people whose ethics were questionable but did not scam. For example I put people under negative feedback who were reported for calling someone’s wife to report a scam when they were not involved in the deal.
    I am sure that some of you will question this but I personally like this. If someone is stirs the pot, then I would have no interest in dealing with them. I block a ton of people who comment on entries because of how they act. One of the entry’s that I added was of someone who trolled an autistic person who was guilty of scamming.
  • I like that the listings say things like ‘kid’ and ‘autistic.’ I added a lot of kids.
  • I personally took a liberty and removed words like ‘weird guy’ when they were with someone’s accusations unless there was an example given.
  • There are some people who do a ton of reporting. So when searching the database, you should search who reported them. Some of the people who report a lot might be room administrators but they will be easy to weed out. Taking out the admins, there are a ton of people who report a lot.
  • Which leads me to this, for all the entries, there is a ton of things that would be on this list that are not reported. For example, I know that I have been guilty of not paying for a card I claimed. I know that if Dan at DMN Takeover reported everyone, the list would be longer.
  • My favorite entry that I added was this:
    Denny McClain – Former MLB pitcher for Tigers – Negative feedback for not showing up at an Indianapolis card show autograph signing event he’d promised and confirmed on. Texted the promoter on the day of the show, saying that his wife was in the ER. Then seen later that day tweeting, promoting a different show he’d gone too in Columbus. Reportedly he’s done this several times to different show promoters. (5/2/18 – Brian Mayne – SSE). Has been imprisoned for drug trafficking, embezzlement, and racketeering. Also known for gambling, and addiction. Also sells signed memorabilia from other players at shows he sets up at. (SSE).
  • Most common names I added: Brad (and variations like Bradley), Kyle, and Rob (and variations like Robby and Robert). Not as many Daniel’s as you would think. Not a scientific guess but an educated guess based off the names I entered.
  • None of my friends in the hobby were on the list. Interestingly, people that I knew elsewhere were on the list. Wrestling community, I am looking at you. Also, one relative of my former neighbor.


Sports Scammers Exposed is bashed a ton. A lot of the reservations are actually understandable. However after working with it, I see it more as a Wikipedia. For example, Wikipedia is put together by people. There will be people with certain agendas on there. The majority of people who are behind it are good people. You cannot use it as a definitive source it but you use it as a guide. You should use it as a guide.