Angry: eBay Adventures

Worth mentioning before you dive into this: Upper Deck epack has a buy one get one free on most football. I snagged 2 Notre Dame boxes for $20.

For good measure here is a $3 coupon on eBay. Enter PERKS4ME. I just used it as of 3:05 pm Pacific on Tuesday April 30th.

Adventure 1:
Since I put together the Luminance base set, I have been gobbling up its printing plates. Now that it is in Plates and Patches, this is affordable for me to do. I bought a bunch of plates from a seller. Naturally I didn’t get any of them.

Beginning of April/End of March: I buy them
Week after: A package arrives from the seller. It has one card in it and eBay says all 5 have been delivered. I contact the seller and the seller says that they will ship items.
Week after that: I message the seller and ask what is up as I have since bought stuff and received it so clearly they didn’t ship. They ask for my address.
Week after that: eBay has a feature now that let’s seller offer discounts on products you made an offer on. The same seller offers me another plate for $5. Since I have not received my items from the seller, I decline.
Last Monday: I file cases.
This weekend: Seller never responds to the cases. eBay rules against me because there is tracking. Naturally I call them and appeal the decisions immediately. It takes them 30 seconds to reverse the decisions. They reverse 4. For the final 1, they initiate a return at the lowest value card. If seller doesn’t respond, I get refund.
Today: I got refunded and got to keep the card. I am not convinced that it was sent by mistake.

I would say the seller’s name but if you bid on someone with 92% feedback on eBay then you deserve the damage the seller will inflict.

Adventure 2:
Last week I read about how Casey Mize is tearing through the minor leagues. Out of curiosity, I check the price of his autograph and it is cheaper than a blaster. COMC has the cheapest but there are some $25 cards that I can offers on. I make offers on 2 cards.
I start with my perfect price and get rejected so I move on to a dollar less than COMC. I go back and forth with one seller in particular. In my notes, I even put that ‘if this get’s rejected, I am going to COMC.’ Seller counters with a higher offer and I reject immediately as I am ready to go to COMC.
In the minute that it took me to go to COMC, the seller messages me on an item that I have for sale saying that he never saw my message and he will do it at my price. As I got the message, I thought how odd it was to get a message on a women’s shoe item at 11 pm and that it would be funny if it was the Mize seller.
Side note: immediately after that the seller of the other card counters at a decent price point. I reject it. Sellers, timeliness is key with offers. When I make offers, I sometimes have 2 or 3 out on similar cards. With me, it does not pay to get cute. Monday: Mize pitches a no hitter. I stress if the card got shipped. By the time that I got home, the card was there.


Thanks for reading. I hope to have 2 reviews up of current products within the next 7 days.

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