Anyone have any Deathlok cards on Upper Deck e-Pack?

As readers of this site know, my uncle created the Marvel character Deathlok. Now that I am on e-Pack I am looking to stock up on Deathlok cards.

If you have any that you are willing to trade then hit me up on there. My name on it is pandanwh, and I have a Dallas Stars avatar. I will trade numerous digital items for one physical Deathlok card. I would also consider any non autographs, unless it is for a printing plate.

As for e-Pack, I got lucky yesterday. I bought 2 Black Panther packs because it was buy one get one free. I got lucky.

2019-05-05 (3)

It’s a $6 auto but I am ecstatic about it. I am also pumped about the Vibranium card.

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