Random Review: 2019 Bowman mega

Why did that feel so weird to write 2019?

So I am not a believer in the Bowman mega hype. I don’t understand why people are buying every box, especially when there is 20 of them. I feel there a false sense of hype. That said, I do like the collecting baseball cards, love baseball, and don’t mind the occasional prospect product when I come across it.

I somehow found myself at Target twice in 4 days and both were loaded with mega boxes. On my second time, I figured that I would grab one to see why the hype was about. Plus I do like the product, I just don’t like the hype and the way people are reacting to it. To be honest, I would have grabbed some and sold them at cost if I had any savings.

The very last pack, I pulled a green auto of Jordyn Adams from one of the mega exclusive refractor packs. I am open to selling it.

If you come across it and can only grab just one or two, this is a solid product. Right now I feel that hype is the only reason you will get a return on investment. Once that dies that down, buy it as a fan.

One thought on “Random Review: 2019 Bowman mega

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