Random Review: Fleer Upper Deck Hanes Michael Jordan

For those that don’t know, taped to some Hanes products was a pack of Michael Jordan packs. I initially passed on these, only to find myself buying white shirts without a pack a month later. Well a few weeks ago, someone at church gave me the pack that came with their purchase. I told them that if for some reason I pulled a Michael Jordan auto, then I would sell it and give all the money to the church. Well as a Billy Bob Thornton character once said ‘wish in one hand and sh*t in other, and see what comes out first.’ I think I have been looking for an excuse to use that line for years on here. Anyway, check out what I pulled.

Despite being a huge basketball collector, Michael Jordan has never been my cup of tea. These were awesome for the nostalgia factor as the 90s and early 2000s Hanes commercials were fun.

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