Thanks to JamminJd, I have been keeping tabs on Brothers in Cards for a while. For those unfamiliar with Brothers in cards, they are a pack subscription type box/program. They have 3 levels and offer football and basketball. They have a ton of different product and part of the fun is the randomization process. Unless you buy a gold, the highest level box, you aren’t guaranteed anything major. As a low budget collector, I have to pick my spots. When they released the product list for May, I was in. Let’s take a look at what I got in my bronze box that I paid about $30 for.

Naturally I didn’t get any packs that I wanted but part of the fun is that I got packs that I normally wouldn’t buy. Truthfully, I was more excited for the Kickoff pack than anything; and that’s probably a throwaway pack for many.

This pack probably should have gone to JamminJD as it was loaded with Cowboys but I am happy to get this. As readers know, I love offensive lineman. Plus, how can you go wrong with a Staubach appearance?

Prizm has been hot the past 2 years. Naturally I have avoided it but Panini has produced some awesome parallels and this Marlon Mack is no exception.


Overall not bad. I would like to check out a basketball box before the end of the year as I am a bigger basketball collector than a football one. This was still fun. Considering this is comparable to other pack subscription programs, I think this one is worth the trouble.

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