Angry: ‘Interacting’ with an OfferUp guy

I don’t know about you but there are some experiences that happen as an adult that I can never get used too. One that happened to me again recently is when I am the most level headed person in an interaction.

10 months ago, I posted a bunch of items on Offer Up. I sold some but because I posted about a dozen items, some didn’t sell. After a while, I deleted the app off my phone entirely. The items have since been donated.

Every now and then I got messages on an item. Since the messages went to my lowest priority email account, this meant that days went by before I even knew there was a message. I end up removing the item off the site when this happened and said that it was no longer available.

Well about 10 days ago, a new guy messaged me on OfferUp. I Tweeted that these messages started at night. As I am going through my email, I saw that they started on Sunday morning at 8 am. By the afternoon, I had 6 of them. You guys know my Sunday mornings can be crazy as I am Vice President of a church. So I couldn’t get to my messages for a while. Even then, give people time. We all have lives.

So let’s dive into what he sent me:

8:09 am
“Hi, is this still available?”
Okay, token first message, no big deal.

8:21 am
“If still available I live in Simi Valley I would like to get them for my son thanks”
Simi Valley is my town. Okay, no big deal. He probably just wants me to know that he is legit. At this time, I am just getting up. Since this is my least priority email, I am not checking this like I am my business emails. With this being a Sunday morning, I check that inbox before I get caffeine in me.

10:21 am
“I can pick them up today”
Pushing it with the third message but no big deal to me. Regardless, church is in service so I am not getting to these messages for another hour.

10:23 am
“If available”
4 messages in 2 hours. Come on dude. Now, even if I had the item, I am not sending it. I get spelling mistakes but even then, I have enough common sense to not correct spelling mistakes if it means my fourth email in 2 hours.
At noon, I see these messages. I ignore them as I had a long day. I hope that he gets the message.

8:34 pm
“Hello my name is (name removed) are the cards still available”
They are not as I donated them. At this point, even if I had them, I would not sell them to this guy. This is the fifth message. Come on man.

8:36 pm
“My son is begging me to get them if so I’ll buy them”
This is the sixth message. My guess is that he doesn’t have a kid. The picture shows early 2000s basketball common cards. I have yet to meet a kid who likes these. I have been coaching basketball the past 2 seasons, and I can’t even give them to my players.
Look 6 messages is fine if it is over 3 days but even then, that is pushing it. 6 messages in 12 hours when I haven’t replied; crazy.

So would you have messaged tried to make a deal with this guy if you had the item? If you made it this far, you know that I wouldn’t.

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